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Singing In The Dark

Joenelle, Alberta, Canada
November 2003

Idon't remember him much, but I'm sure if my brother could talk, and you asked him he would have a million things to say about our Grampa.

Grampa was there for Daniel through everything. They were really close. Grampa sang him songs, and played with him, made him laugh. Most of all, Daniel brought Grampa out of his really bad moods :). I don't know how it affected him. Maybe he wasn't affected at all at the death of our Grampa.

A couple years ago, I was about 7, and we lived in a complex. Vista Heights. The place was small, my room got to small for me, so I moved into my Mom and Dads room, and Mom and Dad moved into the living room. Daniel has Cerebral Palsy, so they have a baby monitor for him so they can hear him.

Well one night, my Mom woke up to hear someone on the baby monitor. It was an old man, singing Daniel the song Grampa made up for him. Mom don't believe it, she thinks she was just tired, but I believe Grampa was there. Telling Daniel that he was okay, and that he still loved him.

We moved out of there and now we live in Martindale, and sometimes I sneak onto the Computer late at night, and the computer room is right below Daniels room, (seeing as Daniel has Cerebral pasly, he can't walk either) and I can hear footsteps, and someone singing to Daniel. I used to think that it was my Dad or something, but when I got caught on the computer one night, I could still hear the footsteps upstairs in Daniels room even though both of my parents were downstairs! let me tell you, it scared them to death!!

I am now 14 and to this DAY we still hear the singing and the footsteps. And if you go into Daniels room, you'll notice its the coldest, even though it's upstairs! all the rooms upstairs are warm! and if Daniels in the room, he'll usually end up staring out into space laughing.

Thats how we know Grampa never really left us. He stayed with Daniel the whole time. And the singing in the dark, never stops.

Joenelle, Alberta, Canada
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