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Sinister Sunset

Bella, Idaho, USA
February 2008

Hi everyone! This is a true experience that happened to me last year, before I heard about this site. I thought you might like it. I hope it's all right with you: I figured out earlier this year that I am not very good at writing stories unless I write it as if I am writing a book, as I am a writer. Here it is.

It was a cold, dark, rainy day in March, and I was sitting in my best friend's living room, waiting for my older brother to come pick me up, because my friend had driven me to school, and I didn't have my car.
I was playing the piano, while my friend sang along to a song that I had just finished writing. (I am a composer, and write songs very often.) Just as we finished the 2nd verse to the song, my cell phone rang. I thought it would be my boyfriend, but was disappointed to find that it was my older brother calling from his girlfriend's cell. I sighed, and answered it. "Hello?" I answered. I heard a giggle in the background. "Hey. Um, I'm doing homework here at Mel's, and I can't pick you up, so maybe you should just walk home." he said quietly. I rolled my eyes. "Fine." I replied, worried about getting wet. "Sorry. Bye." my brother hung up. I hung up my phone, and stood up. "I have to walk. He's busy with his GIRLFRIEND, as usual." I told my friend. She shook her head. "That's too bad. Do you want me to walk with you?" she asked. I started toward the door. "No, thanks. I think I'll manage." I answered politely, stepping into the rain. "See you tomorrow!" I called, as the door shut behind me.

I was heading toward the end of the street, when suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head to look behind me, expecting to see my friend, but to my surprise, nobody was there. "Weird." I whispered, thinking I had probably just felt an awkwardly large raindrop hit my shoulder. I shrugged off the feeling, and kept walking. As I walked, I noticed that the sun was setting, but for some reason, it wasn't making anything seem more ...cheerful. I felt as if some sinister presence was around me, and I couldn't get the feeling away. I paid more attention to things as I walked down the street. No one was outside, probably because of the rain. I could see my breath in the air, because of the cold. I heard footsteps behind me ...footsteps? But nobody was there was there? I turned around and looked behind me. Nothing. Just a bunch of rain. I was starting to feel uneasy. 'Maybe I SHOULD have had my friend walk me home.' I thought to myself. I suddenly felt a chill go down my spine, and an odd wind blew past me. I blinked, and looked around. Nothing was there. 'Stop being stupid, there is nothing there.' I thought to myself, and kept walking. I realized that my cell phone was still in my hand for some reason, and quickly unzipped my purse. BAM! All of the contents of my purse fell out on the sidewalk. Something had turned over my purse, causing everything to fall out. "Crap!" I exclaimed, crouching down to repack my stuff. I felt another tap on the shoulder, and quickly bounced up. "Leave me alone!" I shouted to nothing. I again looked around, and then began to pick up my things once again. I zipped my bag shut, and then continued walking.

I was right across the street from my neighborhood entrance, and I could see a gap in the trees to my right, where the sunset was hardly shining through. It was getting dark. I quickened my step, and suddenly saw something in the middle of the road. I blinked rain out of my eyes, and saw a black cat sitting down. For some odd reason, it didn't look wet. It "meowed" at me, and then suddenly hissed at the other side of the street. It was spooked, and zoomed away from the place where it had previously been, to a dark spot in the trees. I brushed my fingers through my hair, and looked left and right to make sure there weren't any cars coming. Oddly enough, there weren't.
I started to walk across, when out of the blue, there was someone in front of me. He looked normal at first, but at second glance, I noticed that he was a sort of pale blue clear color, and had a dog on a leash in front of him. He was wearing running shorts, and a jersey that had the number 26 on it. He was wearing a sweat band, and waved at me as he passed. I blinked, but he was still there. He ran into the shadows, and disappeared. I ran to where he had been, but nobody was there. There wasn't any other sound other than my breathing. I then ran home as quickly as possible, so I could call my friend and tell her what happened. Of course, she didn't believe me, but I hope that all of you do.

I haven't seen the boy nor the dog since that day, and almost wish that I could. Maybe I should have tried to talk to him?

Well, I hope you liked my experience.

Bella, Idaho, USA
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