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Desiree Hollister, Texas, USA
February 2001

On March 2, 1966, a young woman named Patty gave birth to a baby girl. She wanted desperately to keep the baby, but circumstances would not allow it. She and the baby's father(Tom) were too young to be married without parental consent according to the law of Illinois.

A year later Patty and Tom were married. They wanted to find their baby girl, but seeing as how adoptions were very private and closed in the 60's this was next to impossible. They went on with their lives and had three more children (Tommy, Theresa & Brian). Years passed and the baby girl (which is me if you haven't guessed already) wanted to find her biological mother. As I said before, this is near impossible unless you have the resources and money to spend on a search.

It is now March 23, 1996. I was asleep on the couch exhausted from packing for a move. I awoke because I heard someone whisper my name inside my head. "Wake up Desiree, Wake up." Yes, I am absolutely positive I was awake. I turn my head and look to the corner of the room near the ceiling. I will do my best to explain what I saw.

It was no ordinary light. It was so enormous and so very bright. It was as if it were a living light. It had movement and colours and was almost fluid with its motion. It had no definite shape, but was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. Not only the most beautiful thing I have ever seen but also the most beautiful thing I have ever felt. I could feel such a powerful overwhelming feeling of love engulf me. It was so beautiful I wanted to just go to it. This entity told me without speaking how much it loved me, that I could not come and to go back to sleep. I was devastated the next morning thinking it was my biological mother I had never found and now it was too late.

I placed and ad on a free Internet website for adoptees searching for birth parents and found my biological family August of 98. I was told about my siblings and everyone remarked on how my little sissy and I are almost like twins (6 yrs apart)and how my little sister (Theresa) had been searching and searching for me. My heart ached to hug my sissy, but pictures will have to do, for you see she died March 23, 1996.

Desiree Hollister, Texas, USA
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