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Toronto, Canada
February 1999

My former girlfriend and her sister died in a tragic traffic accident in 1985. For respect for them and the family, I would like to maintain their anonymity and not to offend anyone.

Maria and her sister Clara were involved in a tragic car accident in June of 1985. I was supposed to have been a passenger in the car if only my mother did not kick me out of our home and had to move in with my grandmother in the other side of town. Divine intervention maybe?

After their passing, I truly believe that when someone passes away quickly, the spirit does not know that it has moved on to the afterlife. It may still sometimes roam and go about some unfinished business.

Just a few days after, the television set in my room would start turning on and off all by itself. So did the stereo and the "karaoke" machine. There would be days that the smell of candles and flowers would permeate the air and just disappear in a matter of minutes.

One afternoon, our gardener came to me hesitantly and mentioned that he had seen Maria walking in the hallway leading to my bedroom. I was extremely upset as this was no joking matter and asked for a full explanation. If not, I would have fired him on the spot. He recounted seeing her and described the exact same clothes she was wearing the day she passed away. There is absolutely no way he could have seen her as I was not living at my home at that time and she would have not gone to my house for any reason. As she had helped me move into my grandmother's house. Maria knew exactly what room I was staying in. According to one of my aunts, she saw Maria walking towards the room I was staying in after I had moved back to live with my parents.

The boyfriend of Clara who we will call Jose, had more experiences than I. One morning at around 6am, he heard the car engine start and being warmed up. He then went down to check if the chauffeur had arrived as he had a squash game that morning. As he had gone down, he noticed that all the car doors were open, the engine running but no one there. The chauffeur had not arrived yet and no one could have started the car.

As Clara loved horses very much, Jose had said loudly that if you love me you will show me a sign. Jose had a large chess table in their den. One afternoon, as he was going through the den he noticed that the black horse of the chess set was laying down. This is a fairly large set. About 4- 5 inches in height for each piece. All the windows were shut and no other piece was out of place. Coincidence?

These occurrences would happen from time to time but I never really saw anything. Just the feeling of not being alone when you know you are. The day before I got married. We had a small TV set that had no remote control. The TV started changing channels again....and again....and again. Now all is normal as prayers do work and I know that they are both now at peace.

Thanks for reading.

Toronto, Canada
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