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Ski Retreat

July 2000

This happened to a co-worker of mine. I know, yet another "This happened to someone I know" story, but the guy is a really no-nonsense type of person and I never doubt his integrity. So here it goes.

He and a group of his friends rented a small lodge in the Big Bear Mountain (near Los Angeles) for a weekend ski trip. The lodge had been decorated with many old cheap antiques, and the walls were decorated with vintage black and white photos of old people. The ancestors of the people who owned the place or something, they assumed. Anyway, a couple of the guys started cracking jokes about the people in the photos and got a bit too clowny. Shortly after, they all started hearing doors creaking open and shut upstairs, water running, windows slamming, etc. Each time they went to check, though, nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

Needless to say, the women in the group started becoming hysterical and the guys were quite spooked themselves. So, they decided to go night skiing for a few hours and come back, thinking they were simply a bit on the edge from the exhausting drive. After a couple of hours, they all came back in a good mood, although many of them were still hesitant to spend the night inside the lodge.

Having skied late into the night and facing the dangerous drive back into town, they decided on the driveway that they would spend the night in the lodge and get a motel room first thing in the morning.

As they started walking toward the front door, however, some of the women screamed in terror and pointed at one of the bedroom windows upstairs. When they all looked at the window, there was an old lady glaring down at them with an angry expression on her face, and before they could utter another sound, she slammed the window shut. Needless to say, none of them got any sleep that night as they all sat up in a circle, leaning on each other's back to make sure that nothing came at them from a blind side.

Nothing else happened that night, but no one was willing to take a chance and spend another night there. They all got the hell out of there at the crack of dawn and never looked back.

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