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Nikki Torian, NJ, USA
February 2001

Iam a believer of the supernatural, but the experience I had was very unbelievable, as well as unforgettable.

One night a couple weeks ago around 11:00 (my bed time on school nights), I was laying in my bed listening to my music with my headphones. Everyone else in my house was asleep. I had my favourite warm comforter half way covering my face and my feet were slightly hanging off the bed. As I laid there singing in my head, I was suddenly slapped by someone (or something)! I automatically swung my feet back on the bed and covered them. My body was TOO frozen to move. I tried to sit up and turn my light on, but I couldn't move. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. I laid there holding on to my comforter, squeezing it as hard as I could, waiting for my heart to come out of my throat, but just then, I felt my cover's being pulled. Instantly, I let the covers go. There was nothing for me to do. I couldn't move and I couldn't scream, so I laid there. A couple seconds later, the "thing" let go and I could move again. I jumped out of my bed and looked around to see if it was my little brother but he was sound asleep.

The next day in school, I told all my friends, half of them believed me, but most of them were pretty skeptic. And one boy told me "There's no such things as ghosts, but there are such things as spirits." My whole class froze and looked at him. They didn't know whether to agree or disagree. We had a long conversation about my unforgettable experience, and my friends told theirs.

I don't know what it was that slapped me, but I don't think I want to know either.

Nikki Torian, NJ, USA
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