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Slave Woman

Sarah, Georgia, USA
October 2003

This Story has been passed down from my Family, and I thought it would be fun to share with others.

A long time ago , in the early 1900's my Grandmomther's family were having a little get-together. My great great great grandmother was a child at the time. They decided to have a family reunion. The location was at a Big old house belonging to a family member. Everyone was having a wonderful time, but the children we really rowdy. So the Parents sent them upstairs to play in one of the rooms. It was very rowdy for a couple of minutes, then it was quiet. The Parents worried something had happened, so they ran upstairs to see what was the matter. When they opened the door the room was pitch black, and when one of the parents turned on the lights, all the children in the room were sitting in a circle with a empty chair placed in the middle. When one of the Parents asked what was going on, one of the Children replied "The old Slave women told us if we be quiet and not disturb the parents, she'd tell us a story, but you walked in and she disappeared!"

To this day we still don't know who this slave women is, and probably will never know...

Thanks for reading my story.

Sarah, Georgia, USA
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