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Sleepless Nights

Christy Anderson, Utah, USA
October 2001

After we had been married for a year or so my husband's job required us to Green River WY. We were able to find a nice two bedroom, spilt level apartment a few blocks from the job site and moved in within a week.This is where my story took place.

After unpacking all day I decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual. My husband had gone to sleep an hour before and was already snoring. As I lay there thinking about all that I needed to do the next day an eerie feeling crept up on me. I heard someone standing just inside the doorway of our room. I thought at first it was my little boy and looked up to see what he wanted but there in the darkness was a large figure of a man. I was paralyzed with fear. I could just make out his features in the pale moon light streaming in through the window. He was wearing a strange little hat and had a thin little beard, everything about him was dark except his shining white teeth as he leered at me. At first I thought he was an intruder but the longer I watched him the more unearthly he seemed. After what seemed like forever I got up the courage to throw the blanket over my head. I lay there trembling under the covers for a while before I was able to look up again to see he was gone! Sleep was a long time coming after that!

This occurance happened every night for the first three weeks we lived there and then I never saw him again. Shortly after that my son began having terrible night terrors, waking up screaming for some unseen force to let him go! This happened on and off the whole year we lived there.

Another occurance happened when I was home alone one night while my husband and son visited his his mother.

I was up late watching a movie when the wind started to blow violently against the house. (If you've ever been in Wyoming you would know the wind blows almost all the time.) I remembered I had left my car windows down and did not want a bunch of leaves in there so I went to roll them up. I opened the front door to a perfectly calm night, not even a breeze blowing. The scary thing was I could still hear the wind blowing fiercely against the house as I stood in the doorway. I ran out the door and drove to the all night cafe. I didn't go back until the sun came up.

I found out an interesting fact about the city later on that might explain what happened to me.

Apparently when the railroad was built many Oriental men were hired on. After the railroad was completed quite a few of the families decided to stay. This upset some of the racist people in town so one day they invited them all up into this cave for a meeting of some kind and then caved in the entrance burying them alive!

No wonder there is so much unrest in that town!

Christy Anderson, Utah, USA
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