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Sleepover Gone Wrong

Lauren, Southampton, UK
October 2007

As always, I've been very interested in Ghosts and the Supernatural. It's always been fun to mess around with Ouija boards and stuff like that. Nothing ever serious has happened between me and the other side. Well, nothing except what happened on the 23rd of July, 2007 (This current year).

It didn't start off worrying, spooky or anything. My friend Jasmine had invited me for a sleep over with my other friend Lauren (they've been in a previous story on here, 'If You Go Down To The Woods Today), and, of course because I hadn't seen either of them for ages (I moved away) I immediately said yes.

So, I packed my stuff and my dad drove me there. At first, everything was fine, we did the usual, caught up with each other, found out who's dating who, you know the sort.

Anyway, it was about 10 PM when we decided to have a little 'Spooky Fun'. Jasmines brother had an Ouija board, so we decided to 'borrow' it from him. We agreed only to ask normal questions like who fancies me, will I have kids when I'm older, is she talking about me behind me back, so nothing harmless.
The board came out with answers and we were having loads of fun messing around about school and teachers.

But of course, it started to go wrong.

The board suddenly moved on its own accord spelling out the letters 'L-E-A-V-E-N-O-W' and there was a cold chill in the room. Me and Jasmine looked at each other and decided to stop instantly. So, we packed it away and returned it to Jasmines brother. We decided to cook ourselves a little bit of Pasta (me being the person hanging about not bothering to do anything.) But I didn't like this feeling I had when we were in the kitchen, it was like, the tense feeling you get when you're watching a horror movie and all you can see is a mysterious shadow, and you're on the edge of your seat ready to leg it out of the room.

I was extremely scared all of a sudden, but I didn't mention it to Lauren or Jasmine,
1) Because I was to scared to move or talk. And 2) Because I didn't want to freak them out.
So I stood there for about 10 seconds watching them preparing our meal, when I saw a small, pale long brown haired girl walk into the kitchen. I looked at her closely, but immediately looked away the moment I saw her, because all I could see was cuts and scars all over her face, and only one eye. The place where her other eye should be was scratched out and had dried blood in it. There was some kind of gooey liquid sort of...bubbling in it. I just started screaming. Lauren and Jasmine quickly turned around to see what was wrong, when I was just crying and pointing to the spot where the girl had been, but of course she wasn't there.

They both ended up finishing the meal, putting it in bowls then we took it upstairs to Jasmines room and my friends comforted me for the next half hour or so.
Once I regained a normal state of mind, I demanded the Ouija board be brought back out. Lauren and Jasmine were confused, but they got it out and I asked a couple more questions.

First I asked 'Who was the little girl I saw?' It replied 'Her' then it once again spelled 'L-E-A-V-E-N-O-W-O-R-E-L-S-E' So we packed it away and I decided to get to sleep, otherwise I'd be up all night scared as hell.
I was, and I eventually fell asleep without a single nightmare.

Since then I've never used a Ouija Board. Neither have I ever seen the little girl again. If someone would care to explain who she might be, or if you've seen her before from using a Ouija Board, please email me.

Thanks for reading.

Lauren, Southampton, UK
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