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Small Cabin in Maine

James Grignon, NY, USA
October 2002

Well first to start this story I must tell you I never believed in the "Supernatural" but that attitude was soon to change. I was 16 at the time and never really left the New York area.

It started one day during the summer of 2002 my uncle invited me to Maine to stay with his girlfriend and her family for a week and a half. Of course I said yes before I was even given details of the trip as I was very excited.

We left for the small town called East Machias from my town around 6:00am and went for a twelve hour drive from New York Long Island. Why such a long trip? look at a map East Machias is toward the North-Eastern part of Maine.

By the time we arrived it was dark and we were all very exhausted. I went for a walk in the dark with my Uncle around the cabin. It was an amazing place on a huge lake called Garders Lake.

You could not see the other side of the lake and it was excellent for fresh water fishing. I had a lot of fun and a few nights later it was very late and all the adults were in a very heavy, drunken sleep sleep. I climbed into the loft in which I was staying that overlooked the main room in the cabin. The cabin consisted of the main room "living room", a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. It was very dark inside the cabin compared to outside due to the extreme visibility of stars which you don't see much of in the middle of Long Island.

I was very tired from all the days activities and a little tipsy. I became aware of voices and then tried to sober myself up enough to think straight and listen......nothing. Just complete silence. "what was that" I wondered.......... HELLO. Oh my god. Who just said that I thought. It was a terrifying voice it sounded like that of an old woman's but very clear and low in tone. It sent shivers down my spine as I lay very still for an amount of time that seemed to last for ever.

I was extremely tired and started to feel myself slipping into sleep. There was nothing I could do.

The next morning I told everybody of what had happened, they listened to me instead of making fun of me. Then my uncle's girlfriends brother told me how a friend of his staying in the loft had heard the same voices a few years prior to me. This left me very frightened.

Now as stupid as this sounds, that night, my uncle's girlfriend left a martini out with a note saying something along the lines of "do not disturb the guests they need rest". I told you it was stupid but it did do the trick and no the drink was not empty in the morning but I was not disturbed again.

I later was talking to my Uncles girlfriend's mother, who owned the cabin, and she let me in on some history.

She explained how it was her parents and they stayed there very much and loved the cabin dearly. She said that it was a sort of "heaven" for them. So I figured thats what in fact what was going on. They remained in their beloved cabin where they spent so many good times.

James Grignon, NY, USA
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