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Small Children Are Annoying Enough When Alive!

Jamie, NSW, Australia
February 2008

So basically how this all came about is my friends and I met up these school holidays and walked around in our little town called Richmond in NSW, Australia. We had spent some time at the local park and we decided to go down to the lake. Well, near the lake there is a graveyard, with graves that are (some) very old and others more recent. We went around to the back of the graveyard, which is of medium size and we were looking at some very interesting gravestones when my friend called over to us. She was kneeling over a grave and as we read it we learnt that the child there had died at 3 1/2 hours old. I looked around and realised we must have been in some sort of children's area of the graveyard. I then also noticed that the area was quite old, from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Well as I went around reading the headstones we got close to a colorbond type fence that was covered in dust. My friend stayed behind me as I was reading the headstones and she finally stopped walking near the fence. I heard her call nervously to us and she implied that she wanted to leave. I asked her why and she never gave me a straight answer, but continued to wander away from the fence. I had taken a bag with me and had put it down a while back to look at all the graves and I turned towards this fence to pick it up. As I looked around for it (not realising my friend that had acted nervous had in fact, taken it) I noticed something on the fence that made me feel as though my heart had dropped to my knees, and I could not believe I hadn't noticed it earlier. Imprinted in the dust of the fence (which, reminding you, was near around 2 dozen young children's graves) were small hand prints, hand prints of infants and children. Some were just imprinted on the fence and some dragged down, which gave it a creepy look. This was a smaller, older area of the graveyard and there was little to no possibility of children wandering in that area, let alone placing that many hand prints as we saw on the fence. I tried to get out of there fast but a small, unkept grave tripped me and I randomly started reading the headstone. Apparently this particular child had died in the middle 1900's and had lost his family too, in a fire. The fire, the little verse on the stone said, had been lit by arson. Well I was freaked out by that time so I decided to leave and we wandered around some more before my mum had to pick me up.

Well later that night as I prepared for sleep, while on the computer, I could hear vague noises and bumps, but thought it might be the dog. It wasn't until I went and turned off the computer and made an attempt to sleep (this happening around midnight) that I thought it could be something more. I could hear scuffling around my closet area, so I turned my back on it. At that moment I had the feeling someone was watching me and I resisted the urge to turn around, though the feeling grew. As I lay there I thought I could hear small sobs but I dismissed the thought and went to sleep.

Strange things happened all the next day, from my dog growling whenever he came into my room (he started barking once and had to be taken out because he was getting scary) and my computer randomly blacking out.

That night I thought more of the graveyard and felt some pity for that child that got lost in the fire. I put my music player on and listened to the music so I could drift to sleep when the noises started again. This time they came from my feet area but I decided to ignore them. About half an hour later I heard beeping noises and thought my music player had run out of batteries when I paused the music and a wailing sound rose. I realised that the smoke detector had been set off and my parents rushed out to check the detector. They found no smoke nor fire but they blamed me for some dirt they found on the floor. (I know I had nothing to do with it as I don't travel near my room with shoes). So I drifted off to a VERY nervous and uneasy sleep that night and woke up quite late the next day. That was yesterday.

As I sit here writing this story I'm waiting for the sun to rise, because I could not bear to sit in my room any longer in the dark. Last night, as I was listening to my music player again, I heard noises, like before but like vocal noises, and much deeper. I attempted closing my eyes and blocking them out but it felt as though nails were trailing across my feet and I finally gave up and opened my eyes. I swore I could hear noises like giggling and as I was getting nervous I looked around my room to several un-familiar shadows and, in a fit of fright I whisked out my computer and turned it on. As soon as the light from the computer radiated around my room the noises, giggling, and faint whispering that I could hear stopped. I could say at this moment that I was never more scared in my life and I don't want to wait and see what will happen tonight. I think that the kids are trying to get my attention, what for? I don't know. But it's scary and quite annoying really... I mean, children are generally annoying enough when alive but these kids are stopping at nothing it seems and I wish that I could be left alone.

I plan on staying awake all day today and going to sleep early to escape the noises. I will be visiting the same graveyard on Sunday and I can only hope that this will end before then.

Jamie, NSW, Australia
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