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Small Things

Kelly, NSW, Australia
March 2004

Okay, so it's not exactly a single ghost story as such. It's more a series of small 'encounters' that I have experienced throughout my life. Even though in reading them they may not scare you, I can assure you that each event is absolutely true!

My first encounter happened when I was quite young (about 3 yrs old). My mother, brother and I lived in a small, old house. It had three bedrooms but we only used two of them. My mother didn't go into the front room unless she absolutely had to because she said it was always VERY cold and 'uncomfortable' feeling. Even my grandmother didn't like to. My brother had a red and white teddy bear that he loved. However, for some reason he insisted that it had to be in a particular place in the front room. Any time someone would remove it he became anxious and upset claiming that 'the lady likes it there'. Nobody knew who this mysterious lady was but eventually no one moved the bear.

It was in this same house that I clearly recall being terrified out of my small mind!! After being put into bed one night, my brother and I became quite frightened. An older man (about 60-70) appeared in our room. He came toward us with his arms out-stretched as if reaching for us. We were so scared that we were banging on our door for mum to let us out. The problem with this was the door opened inwards, so while we thought it was locked, we were actually the problem! (remember we were very young!!) What I remember the most about this man was his eyes. They were a very pale blue, almost cloudy. Kind of like you see on television when they have dead bodies made up. I'm sure I'll never forget them. To this day they still send a shiver up my spine.

Over the years other small things have happened. Such as waking up as a teenager seeing someone in my room only to have them disappear again. Also seeing a cricket bat fall off the top of a cupboard and land on the opposite side of the room. There was no one else in the room at the time!

I guess the most recent events are to do with where I live now. Things often disappear only to turn up again in places that are incredibly obvious. Often I have looked in these places numerous time but to no avail. It doesn't really bother me except when things affect my son. He is only 3 yrs old, and while I know kids have great imaginations, there are some things that can't be explained. For some time about a year ago (2003) my son kept telling me that there was a man in the house. Particularly in his room. I dismissed it for a while but then something very odd happened. We live in a duplex and there used to be another lady with her small son, who is around my sons age, living next door. One morning her son came into her and told her there was a man in his cupboard. Our flats are a mirror image of each other so it was the same room in her place as in mine. She asked her son if he was still there (getting worried) but he said no. The man was now gone but he was very nice. The son said that he had been speaking to him for some time and that the man was wearing a blue shirt. An interesting detail coming from a then 2yr old child. I'm sure this man in the cupboard is the one responsible for moving things around the flats and interfering with electrical equipment. He's probably playing tricks and having a lovely time laughing at us from now and then!! I believe he is a quite friendly person who means no harm.

Other things happen like ideas just come to me from nowhere about other people. If I ask them about it I seem to be accurate. Like guessing family members names and such. This hasn't happened for long. In fact it has only started in the last couple of weeks. It would be rather interesting if I could make it happen more though!!

Like I said before. My stories aren't really frightening but they are very real. I hope you enjoyed reading them!:)

Kelly, NSW, Australia
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