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Smell of Roses

Anonymous, CA, USA
December 2009

It was the middle of October and we were moving to Santa Clarita. Our new house was two stories. When we went to go look at the house the realtor said it was haunted. Supposedly, a woman died in the house from a fire because she would always light candles. One night a curtain caught fire from one of the candles and she tried to put it out. The candle caught her blouse and she burned to death.

Since my mom and dad are really interested in that stuff we moved there. The first day was really quiet. The second day I stayed home by myself. I was watching TV in my room and all of a sudden I heard a loud crash.

Immediately I thought it was a car crash, but it was way to close and too soft to be a car crash. I went to go check it out but nothing. I went downstairs and saw a really blurry apparition. Since I did not believe in ghosts I did not try to debunk it. I went straight to bed.

In the middle of the night I woke up and I started to smell candles that smelled like roses, and I remembered about the lady that lived there before us, she would always light candles. The night after that i went to go get my Ouija board. I asked if that was the lady that lived here before us that I saw. It answered yes.

Anonymous, CA, USA
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