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Sara, FL, USA
October 2001

Before I begin, there are a few things that I must make clear.

Practically my whole life (as long as I can remember anyways) I seem to be somewhat "drawn" to the supernatural. In other words, I seem to attract spirits because I've seen them and had unexplainable occurence since I was quite young. This story is 100 percent true and is only one of many that I have had growing up in my house. Yet, this is the one that has touched me the most.

Growing up, I had a dog named Snowball. I loved her dearly, she was always with me whereever I went. I had her for 14 years and then she got sick. I took her to the vet only to have her die on me while the veterinarian attempted to perform surgery on the old girl. I was devastated when I got a call from the vet's that my precious Snowball had passed away. I raised her for 14 years, from when she was a baby. I couldn't believe she was gone. I was completely distraught, I couldn't think.

I lay in bed that night until I cried myself to sleep. (It needs to be noted that I was COMPLETELY alone in my bedroom) Well, about 2am I felt something jump up on my bed. I knew I wasn't sleeping because I could feel four little paws (Snowball was a small Lhaso Apso) walking up to my face. I felt fur rub against my arms and saw my curtains start to move. My bed is up against my wall by my window. I felt a dog lay beside me, then lean up and lick my face. I turned on the lights and to my shock found nothing there except some fur.

It wasn't until the next morning that I put two and two together and things became quite clear and rather spooky.

Snowball use to always jump up on my bed in the wee hours and lay beside me and lick me before curling up next to me and falling asleep.

My mother too related a story to me that the same night she had felt Snowball crawl up beside her. Snowball was a faithful dog to me when she was alive and even more so now. I truly believe she is my guardian angel.

About 2 months later, for my birthday, my sister got me a new puppy named Bella. It is unbelievable how much alike her and Snowball are.

One night I was sitting in the living room around 11am watching TV with Bella laying asleep in my lap (I was home alone). I saw a white "Mist" dash across the floor. I convinced myself it was my imagination until I noticed that Bella had bounced over to the spot where I had seen the apparition and was barking and jumping at thin air.

Many times I've seen, felt, or heard Snowball, but I'm not afraid. She's only protecting me. This proves the point that dog's really are man's best friend.

Sara, FL, USA
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