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Soldier in my Easychair

Maryland, USA
February 1998

This happened to my friend, George. Here is his story of a civil war ghost....

Being very ill, I had taken to bed for a week. I live in a farmhouse that is over one hundred years old, and is built in Antietam Battlefield, in the rolling hills of Maryland. I was finally starting to get better, but I decided to spend today in bed and rest. I had a beautiful view of the green lawn from my room, and I also had an old easy chair in the room beside the bed. If I wanted to get up, I could sit in the chair for a while. I was just gazing outside, when I heard a board creak in the hall. I knew just where this board was, because every time you stepped there, it squeaked. I called out to see if someone was in the walkway, but no one answered me. Nothing but the wind, I thought. The door to my room started to slowly open. I became frightened. As I could see directly into the hall, I could also see that no one was there. What is going on? I thought to myself "perhaps my fever is back, and I am hallucinating". The door was fully open now. I could see the hall all the way to where the steps dropped off. Nobody out there. I was not hallucinating. I must be just silly, my temperature is fine, I said to myself. I tried to relax again, however, I got a great chill, as though a cold breeze had blown across the room.The windows were closed. The day was warm and bright, and the spring sunshine was radiating in the windows of the room. I thought I was just being silly once again. I again relaxed. That was when I saw him walk into the room. A confederate soldier. Dusty and ragged, dragging his rifle which was tipped with a bayonet. His gray uniform was old and he looked very tired. I was dumbfounded for a moment. I could see his canteen and the accompaniments on his belt and uniform. He was a calvary man. He was not solid, but transparent. I could see the curtains through his worn clothes. He crossed the room and plopped down in my easy chair, with a great sigh. "What do you want, and what are you doing here?" I boldly asked him. He looked right into my eyes but said nothing. I remember thinking how incredibly sad and tired he looked, sitting in that chair. He closed his eyes and started to fade. I mean really fade. He disappeared a little at time, starting from his feet to his head. The last I saw of him were those sad, tired eyes, closed and dark. I was so scared I could not move a muscle. And as soon as I could I searched the whole house for him, and turned up nothing. Not a trace. But I saw him there just as real as my own face. I will never forget it. I sold the house and have not been back there since. The young couple who bought it from me recently called, and asked me if anything strange had ever happened while I lived there.I told them the whole story, and I am soon going there with my friend to take pictures of the soldier, who the couple says still haunts the house. I think I'll go in the spring...on a nice sunny day...

Maryland, USA
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