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Something In the Mountain House

Mary, Alabama, USA
November 2000

Iam a college student and my best friend Sue and I frequently go to her summer home in the nearby mountains.

One weekend two summers ago, we went to get away from summer school for a few days and just relax. Since there isn't a phone or cable TV, it is very relaxing and we usually get lots of sleep.

On this particular weekend, we had taken her black lab with us and spent the first day there just hiking and straightening up the house. Around 11:30pm we decided it was time to go to bed, so we climbed the very steep stairs (practically a ladder) up the the second floor. There are only two rooms up there and we always stay up there because there are two double beds and we can each have our own space, yet still be in sight of each other. Well, Sue's dog was upset and whining because she couldn't make it up the steep stairs, so she slept at the foot of the stairs. Once we got settled, I fell fast asleep. Sometime during the night though I awoke and was sure there was an animal in the room beside my bed. In fact, I put my hand down and petted this thing with slick fur. I just assumed it was the dog. The next morning when I went downstairs though, the dog made sure to remind us that she had been at the bottom all night long. Sue insisted there was no way in the world her dog could have gotten up the stairs and back down without us knowing. I knew she was right, but I was very confused and scared of what I had felt during the night.

That day we just went about normal activities and went to bed around the same time that night. As soon as we got settled, I noticed a light would flash every so often. It was something like an exaggerated lightening bug, but very much brighter. After about the third time this happened, Sue asked me if I had seen the light. I said yes and we both became very scared. We realized that this light was actually coming up from a grate in the floor, which just happened to be located between our beds. Sue told me to turn on the lamp, which was coincidentally, located right by the grate. After a few minutes of debating I finally turned on the lamp. We didn't see anything so we just ran down the stairs and out to the car. We didn't know what to do, especially since we had left the keys to the car inside the house! I got my cell phone and we finally decided to call the police.

This is a very small town (around 150 full-time residents) so the policeman actually had to come from the next town over. When he got there, we fully inspected the house and couldn't find any kind of a reason as to what had been happening earlier in the night. We were so scared, that we actually packed up all of our stuff while the policeman was there and drove back to our apartments about 3 hours away. We had so much adrenaline that we weren't even worried about getting tired on the trip!

We still go back there and nothing has happened since then, and in fact, Sue is living there now. We have no idea what was going on that night, but many Indians lived in the area a long time ago. In fact, Sue's grandfather built this house himself in the 1930s so we know for a fact that no one has died there.

This story is 100% true and I hope nothing like that ever happens again. That was the scariest night of my entire life!

Mary, Alabama, USA
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