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Something In The Rain

August 2001

First let me start by saying that things like this have happened all my life. Things going "bump" in the night or "visions" appearing before me. I tend to be use to them, but there are some things that happen that leave an impact on me, this is one of them. If any of you have an explanation to this, by all means provide it for mebecause to this day I still get chills and am trying to figure it out. Enough of the nonsense- here's my story:

On a night in which it was stormy, my husband (now ex-husband) and I were up watching movies. We each sat on our favorite couch. Our sons were at their grandparent's house. I was in the long one, curled up on the end and he was stretched out on the love seat. I can't recall what movie we were watching as I was dozing off here and there, not too interested in the movie. We always watched two movies, first his then mine.

His movie was ending and he turned to get after me for dozing off as always. He asked if I still wanted to watch the other one. I could see that he wanted me to so I said yes, but to give me a minute to go to the bathroom. He made fun and went ahead and started to prepare the other movie. I looked at the clock and noticed it was five minutes to twelve. I'm very weary about it being midnight as I mentioned, things sometimes happened and appeared to me. I always make sure to be asleep or in company at that time.

I headed for the bathroom. I went in and closed the door without turning the light on. The window in the restroom sat to my left and was a high window in which I didn't have any drapes. The sliding doors to the tub that sat to the left were drawn all the way to the end and I was able to see perfectly because of the outside light that hung over the window that lit up our driveway. Not to mention the lightening show going on outside. After I finished I was already feeling uneasy because of the time of night. I stepped forward to wash my hands and could feel someone watching me. Of course I thought I was spooking myself and turned the faucet off and turned to look blindly for the towel that hung from the shower door. I had my eyes closed due to the water I had splashed on my face, hoping it would help keep me from dozing off again during the second movie. I found the towel and proceeded to dry my face, which by that time I was facing the window. As I looked up from drying my face (still drying my nose and mouth with the towel). I saw something in the tree up across the driveway.

The driveway was only one car wide at that end and expanded into two towards the end so the tree wasn't that far from the window. I still held the towel over the bottom half of my face with only my eyes showing. The lighting struck, I could see something sitting there. I dried my eyes again thinking I was seeing things. It was still there when I finished, never lowering the towel past my nose. A chill ran down my back and throughout my body. I was frozen where I stood. The lightening struck again and I was able to see clearly a huge bird with huge claws sitting on the branch. The feathers were huge and were iridescent black. (Color black but gives off colors of blue, purple, and green when turned a certain way or light hits it) In between lightening, I could just see the shadow. Another lightning strike hit and I was able to see its head and that's when I became terrified.

Its head was covered with sandy brown hair. Locks of it. Not even wet with the rain. It was human hair. As I stood there frozen, it turned its head and a face of a woman was staring at me. It knew I was there even though you could not see me because the lights to the bathroom were not on. Its dark soulless eyes stared straight down at mine. Knowing I was watching and never breaking its stare. Somehow, I don't know how, I backed away slowly and reached behind me for the doorknob not able to take my eyes off it thinking it would come after me if I did. Still holding the towel in the same position, I walked backwards out of the bathroom, passing the hallway leading to the livingroom until I reached the boys bedroom which attached to ours. I turned and ran for our room with all the speed I could get in me. I jumped into our bed and closed my eyes praying over and over not even able to talk or call my husband at all. I looked across at the clock radio on our dresser, it was exactly 12:00a.m.

The experience I had just had felt like it lasted at least 10 minutes or more, but I was only in there for 5 minutes. I slid under the covers and somehow instantly fell asleep. My husband woke me the next morning at about 8am and was asking me what happened and why I went to sleep without saying anything. I then began to shake and told him what happened. He didn't know what to think of it. But he did mention that he knew something was wrong because before he finally dozed off, as hard as he tried, he could not get me to release the towel I held over the bottom half of my face.

From that night on I never went to the restroom with the light off and I "never" could get myself to look out that window at night, especially when it rained.

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