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Something In The Room

Nikki Smith, USA
February 2002

Hello. I'm Nikki Smith and I hope you don't think my story is boring but I know it might be. I'm a 10 year old girl and I live in the town of Winchester, Virginia in a old brick house with a car port on the side. Anyway on with the story.

It was a cold Sunday night in January at 9:00 P.M. and I was in my room, and very sick. I was calling for my mom in a very low voice for her to put another blanket on me because it was so cold (about 30 degrees) it made me so weak so I couldn't get out of bed. Then I saw a figure, sort of a dog shaped figure (I dont have a dog. All I have are three fish in the basement, one fish in my room and a lovebird in the living room), at my door (it was closed) and it looked like Balto. If you don't know who Balto is, he was (he died in 1932) a siberian husky who saved all the children in Nome, Alaska from dying. Anyway the figure was looking at my T.V. (it was on and at the corner of my room that faces me when I'm on the bed) and then it looked at me. I just froze in fear because there was no way that a dog could of got in the house because all the doors and windows were shut and locked.

Then the thing trotted over to my bed and jumped on the bed. It began to look at me then it began to get it's nose close to my face. All I could do was watch and wait to see what it was going to do to me. Then it dissappeared and I was still frozen with fear until I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt better as if the thing warmed me. And the most two weird things was that I was at my regular body temerature when I woke up and when I asked my dad if he desided to get us a dog and of course he said, "Nikki I told you a millon times we are not getting a dog. Besides you still have you lovebird." (my dad doesn't let us have a dog because we had dogs before when I was a baby and we just stoped getting pets except for fish and my bird, well that's another story). Then I asked mom if a dog got in the house and she said that she was in the kitchen at 9:00 last night making my dad a B.L.T. Then I know my 20 year old sister who still lives with us couldn't of been home at 9:00 because that's the times she goes to work.

So after that I never had another thing like that happen to me again. Thank you for reading.

Nikki Smith, USA
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