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Something Strange In The House

Chris, MO, USA
May 2006

Hello, my name is Chris. I am twelve years old going on thirteen. The story I am about to tell you happened to me only a month or two ago in my house in a small southern town in Missouri.

Before starting my story let me give you a layout of my house:
It is a two story house (three story if you include the attic which is my bedroom). The downstairs has the downstairs living room with an entertainment center that contains a T.V. and a DVD player. When you first go in the front door of my house turn left is the living room, turn right and you'll see the kitchen and the laundry room. Go straight when coming in the door and you'll see the hallway with two bedrooms, an unfinished bathroom, and a storage area. The room on the right side of the hallway is my mum and da's room, the room on the left side is my niece and nephews bedroom (but I won't bore you with that). Go right past the computer downstairs and you'll find the stairs leading upstairs; continue up the stairs turn right you'll find an office (computer room), go straight will be my sisters room and the stairs leading to my room, turn left and you'll find the upstairs living room, big screen T.V., couch, and another bathroom (Where our story begins).

This was maybe a month ago when it was the weekend, and I had hooked up my Gamecube to the big screen and played my new Naruto game, I went into the bathroom to obviously go to the bathroom. This is where the trouble began. I left the bathroom light on as I continued out, and went back to playing my game. The next thing I know is the bathroom light turning off, I stared blankly at it, and turned it on again, and walked out as I sat down to play my game. Again, the light turned back off, so I was suddenly frightened. I dropped my gamecube controller turned off the console and T.V. and headed to my mum and da's room. When I closed the door behind me and sat on their bed, the door just opened up. I blinked looking at it, nothing was there. My mum thought that I left the door open so I closed it and soon found myself to be asleep.

A week later, I had just come home from school and had put my backpack down at the foot of the stairs and walked up to the office to get on MSN and talk with some friends. The next thing I know I hear a sudden tapping, as if someone had knocked on the window but also as if someone had been tapping pencils on a desk. I stirred slightly scared, and peeked out of the office, saw nothing. I went back in to the computer and got off later that night. I fell asleep on the upstairs couch, and had no other experiences until another two or three weeks later.

I had gotten home from school again, and suddenly heard what sounded like padded footsteps against the floor, but there was nothing there and the only hardwood/tile places in the house is downstairs. Once again, I saw nothing, so I shrugged it off still slightly scared. I haven't had another experience yet, but my mum has, she said that she had actually seen the paranormal entity and described it as a young woman, in her early twenties she also said she looked nice.

Chris, MO, USA
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