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Soul Hungry House

Shawn, Michigan, USA
April 1998

All have read stories and tales of odd occurrences, and unknown deaths, but this one is far more bizarre. I cannot explain exactly what did it but read on and maybe you can figure it out.

It was about 10:30 December 12th, 1993, my father lived with his girlfriend and her step father. At approximately 10:30 The step father "BOB" died. My father said right before he died he whispered "the house is not well, beware or it will get you too". My father had no idea what he was talking about, but still felt sorry for him because he thought that Bob was senile by the time he died. That was no where near the truth. Me and my father looked up Bob's life span, from the time he moved into the house he lived in, in Riverview, bad things occurred, such as Bob caught a disease and had both legs amputated, and before that he was working on his roof (he was the only one there) and it looked as though someone picked him up and threw him off. Well bob didn't have wings, he busted out some teeth and broke his arm, but when it was apparent something was hurting bob I said "why didn't he leave?" My father looked at me and said "just too scared to try to leave", after his death about 2 years later in fact, my father told me about weird noises coming from Bob's room, and the basement. He said "last night in the living room it sounded like Bob was talking with someone then he said it sounded like they where fighting". Three days after he heard the fight he grew sick, And Had a seizure fell back on the glass inn table and ripped his head open. Needless to say I was heart broken. He was my dad after all. Anyway two months after his death, his friend who lived in the basement, said he heard my dad's voice, Bob's voice and another voice yelling at each other, then he said it sounded as though they where brawling, unfortunately, my dad's friend "Dale" got deathly sick three days later and died of Pneumonia. Well my ex-stepmother was the only one left in the house, she went insane from what I heard. She kept claiming she heard four voices, my dad's, Dale's, Bob's and one she couldn't recognize, she said that they where constantly fighting, when someone saw her yelling at nothing on her lawn they called the Mental Hospital. Seeing how she had no direct family they went to admit her, but when they got there they said that there was no way that she could have been out on her lawn yelling, because she had been dead for three days, she appeared to have died of suffocation.

They tried to auction off the house, but no one lived there for more than 2 months and three days, they either died or sold it in fear. My best educated guess, since after they died they seem to be heard in the house, the original ghost was trapped and angry, so he killed all who lived there and trapped them as well, to keep him company and I swear that one day when I was visiting an old friend in Riverview I walked by the old Hell House as I so rightfully dubbed it, and as I walked by I thought I heard, Bob, Dale, my dad, and my ex-stepmother arguing over what color to paint the house, in a way it was funny, in another sad that they where all dead. It was both scary and sad since the house truly did keep the souls of those who died in it. Well I don't know if it is the house itself or the original ghost who killed and kept the souls, but if your ever in Riverview steer clear of the old blue house with the garden that is never planted but seems to be kept up, with no one living there. It's right by the old train tracks on the far end of Riverview, old and forgotten, but never owned or bulldozed. Why?, maybe because they are scared that the ghosts will get loose.

No one knows for sure not even me.

Shawn, Michigan, USA
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