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Soul Of A Dead Man?

Sarah, Wrexham, Wales
July 2001

I don't think I have ever experienced anything unusual or paranormal, but my Grandma has. I have not changed this story in any way, this is what she told me.

My grandma used to be a nurse and one night she was on night duty. She was alone in the hospital apart from the patients and one other doctor who had gone to have his 'midnight lunch.'

At the time there was a very ill patient, an dying old man in intensive care.

My Nain (Welsh for grandmother, its easier to call her that because I've been brought up with that name) had left the door of her room ajar and she could see into the corridor.

When she looked up, she saw the extremely ill old man shuffling down the corridor. Puzzled, she got up to put him back to bed, but when she came into the corridor, there was no one there. Even more puzzled she went to check his bed and found him lying there peacefully. What she found out next was yes, he had died. It was a recent death (don't ask me how she knew, but hey - she was a nurse!)

When she thinks back on it, she has one explanation - that it could have been the dead man's soul leaving his body.

I have always believed from that moment on.

Thanks for reading my story I hope you believed it, because I certainly do.


My house has been blessed and I know that a vicar lived there last. It is a normal semidetached house.

One day I was alone in the house and I heard footsteps coming up the hall. Clear as crystal. I could hear the floorboards creaking underneath. Then I heard someone picking up the phone, that too, very clear.

One day my friend was having a sleepover at my house, and was sleeping in my room. She said she saw a black figure leaning over her, as if to examine her. It was early morning, and after she had turned away in fright and looked back again, there was no one there.

It couldn't have been my Dad, because he wakes up at around 7. Besides, I asked him in the morning, and my mum, and they said they hadn't seen anything.

Thanks for reading it, I hope you enjoyed it.

Sarah, Wrexham, Wales
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