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Speedy Little Black Shadow

Evlee Mayer, Quebec, Canada
December 2009

In my life, I did not have a lot of paranormal activity going on’? until recently.

Now I am a big fan of animals. I just love them, it is my passion and I would pretty much do anything for them. I have adopted several homeless cats, and been feeding those who are too timid to be approached.

My boyfriend and I moved into our new condo 8 months ago with our cat Vagabond. During the summer, I found a homeless kitty outside and started feeding it (plus the skunks, the other kitties and the raccoons’?). When it started to get too cold outside, I decided to bring him in. That is when strange stuff started happening.

Whenever I am in the kitchen or the hallway facing the kitchen, I often see a small black shadow moving quickly in the corner of my eye. Thinking it is one of my cats (Luna is white, so I always assume it is Vagabond), I turn around to say something to it but nothing is there. Now it does not freak me out and to be honest, for a little while I blamed it on my imagination until it happened more frequently.

I did not say anything to my boyfriend, because I did not want him to think I was crazy or making stuff up. Finally, I did not have to say anything to him because of the following event: We were sitting on the couch watching television. Our show just ended and we were deciding whether to go to bed or watch some more television. All of a sudden I saw the shadow pass very quickly under the table. I was surprised, but not about to say anything until my boyfriend let out, ‘What was THAT!!??’?

I asked if he saw the shadow too. He looked at me with a little confused/slightly frightened and
Said, ‘ Shadow? What shadow? I heard something move very quickly from one side of the table to the other. ‘

We decided to go to bed after that. My boyfriend is a little uncomfortable with what happened, but I am very at ease with whatever is in the house. I like to believe it is a small animal, even though I never experienced something similar before and I might be totally wrong. Might even be one of the cats I was feeding outside who passed away and decided to come live with us. If you know what it might be, or if you’ve experienced something similar, feel free to contact me.

Evlee Mayer, Quebec, Canada
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