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SPI Investigates Crybaby Bridge

March 2004

I recently started a new organization called Springfield Paranormal Investigators. Our goal was to go around our local area seeking out areas that have had ghosts or strange incidents reported. Turns out there are a lot of them in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia areas reasonably close to us, within 100 miles or so.

What we honestly expected was to debunk site after site and put the results up on our website. Our first visit was to the famous Bunny Man Bridge, which turned out to be only 11 miles from our home base of operations in Springfield, Virginia. It is probably only an urban legend, as our web search and library search failed to verify the events that were supposed to happen there. We did get a few odd pictures, but nothing definitive. However, if you do go there, you will be freaked by the weird acoustics of the tunnel.

Staying with the bridge theme, we selected the Crybaby Bridge in Westminster Maryland, as our second outing. This is the site of our first truly odd photograph.

We found the Crybaby Bridge with very little effort around 8-8:30 PM on 7 Feb, 2004. I won't go into what the site is about since that is available with a quick googling. We proceeded to take pictures with 2 digital cameras, 2 regular 35mm cameras, and 1 digital camcorder. Sure enough, while we were climbing all over the bridge and surrounding areas, our windows fogged up and tiny fingerprints appeared all around the windows.

We didn't hear any tapping sounds or anything unusual. So we retired to Westminster for dinner and talked about our experience. It was agreed that we would wipe down all the windows and go back that same night. Since we had not wiped the windows previously, we thought the fingerprints could have already been there. Sure enough, the fogging was duplicated, but NO fingerprints appeared, not a one.

It is a small bridge, and when you drive over it very slow, there are sounds that could be interpreted as tapping noises. We had debunked our second case. Then we looked at the pictures. Something was there. I have submitted to you three pictures, the odd foggy one and the one taken seconds before and one seconds after just to show there was no fog present. We've taken literally thousands of pictures with these cameras and nothing has ever shown up like this.

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