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Spirit as a Friend

Jasmine, VA, USA
May 2012

Ever since I was a small child I have been able to sense spirits but because of a few bad experiences I have become slightly afraid of "ghosts."

It all started when I was around 8 or 9 when I was staying the night at my mother's house (I lived with my grandmother) and my mother let me have a friend come over to her house to spend the night with me. We were in my room watching a horror movie when all the light in my room went out leaving us in complete darkness. We were both sitting there to scared to move but suddenly the door started to open and when it was completely open me and my friend, Isabel, saw a tall dark figure. It started to walk towards us and I screamed "Mommy!" When I did the dark figure disappeared.

My mother ran into my bedroom, and she asked us what was wrong. I was afraid she wouldn't believe me so we told her we got scared because the lights went out. My mom looked at the light switch and said the lights went off because someone turned them off. Me and Isabel were shocked to say the least because we weren't near the light switch. After that I neither went into that room again nor did I go back that house. That was around 6 years ago and more things have happened.

A friend of mine who can see spirits told me that I had a "shadow" following me, when she sees a spirit they look like a shadow until they show her what they look like, but because of my past experiences with spirits I was afraid to be truthful. She told me to not be afraid, because the shadows like scaring people and if I showed I was afraid they would just keep scaring me. I have never seen this spirit but my friend told me his name and what he looked like. I have seen him but not what he looks like. Like my friend I saw the spirit, Kade, as a shadow and I have gotten used to his presence. There are times when he scares me a little but I'm used to it. Kade has never tried to hurt me and I feel safe around him. When I'm alone I like to talk to him even though I don't get an answer to some questions. I consider Kade a friend. Most people would say I'm crazy...but I have seen death several times in my life...I fully believe that I do see, and or sense, spirits whether its from me facing death so many times or what I know Kade is a good spirit and that he won't hurt me.

Jasmine, VA, USA
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