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Spirit Hitchhiker On The Information Highway

January 2006

Do you believe that a spirit can haunt a person via the Internet? If I were asked that question 2 months ago, I would have probably smirked and answered "impossible". What happened to me may just be considered a case of a spirit conjured up by thought, not necessarily a haunting by computer. Either way, the "medium" at hand was the Internet.

I've always been a believer in the paranormal despite having had an encounter. I love to roam around the net and browse the different paranormal sites and relish the spooky stories being offered. This day was different than no other, except that I took a look at some sites devoted to ghost towns and abandoned mines.

I came across the site for the Bureau of Land Management that gives statistics on abandoned mines as well as safety reminders. There is also a section on the unfortunate souls who did not heed the warning signs posted at the entrance to most mines, or altogether did not see them. There were a few stories that were particularly shocking, but one that really bothered me was about a man who was out exploring the desert alone who happened upon a mine. He fell down a shaft that was (I believe) between 5 and 8 stories high. When his remains were found some time later, the medical examiner stated that he more than likely survived the fall with a broken leg, but died of a gunshot wound to the head. This person was a well prepared explorer who packed survival gear including a gun.

I began to imagine, very vividly, the man sitting at the bottom of this shaft in complete complete agony. His pain, both emotional and physical, must have been unbearable. As the hours passed he realized that he was too far out in the terrain for someone to come by; The chance of rescue was futile. He began having thoughts about his family, his life. I imagined the man completely breaking down, sobbing. I felt so saddened and wondered to myself what would I have done?

Although I was shocked and moved by this story, I proceeded on to another site. That's when the lamp on the desk next to me began flickering, making a buzzing noise that sounded like an electrical surge. I thought the bulb may have been loose, so I checked and of course found that wasn't the case. At this point my stomach dropped to my knees when I felt that someone was there. I sat back down and carried on, not wanting to tip off my 'visitor' that I was aware of what was going on. The light flickered again. I ignored it.

A short time later, I went into my windowless bathroom and shut the door. The light in the ceiling did the SAME THING as the lamp. I immediately ran out and went to the other bathroom in our house. Over the next few days, more bizarre electrical occurrences happened. I was at the stove cooking when all of the sudden the oven timer went off, scaring the you know what out of me. The bathroom light went on the fritz again, this time I was already, um, seated. I got angry (and brave) and yelled out "Do you mind!! I'm trying to use the bathroom here!!!" With that, a tiny little flicker, and then it stopped. The cat was also acting strange. His eyes would seem to follow something or someone who was not there; At other times he would awaken with a jolt out of a sound sleep and focus on one part of the room, blinking in curiosity.

I eventually smudged my house and the activity has stopped. Could it have been that my strong feelings and thoughts about this man enticed his spirit here? Or was it just coincidence, another random spirit who I "picked up" on the information highway that day? Who knows. I do believe that the human mind is very powerful, and I do believe that those on the Other Side can pick up on that power.

So, I'll ask you again: Do you believe that a spirit can haunt a person via the Internet?

I do.

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