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Spirit in the House

Meleta Lankford, Texas, USA
August 1997

Three years ago we moved into a house that was built in 1956 (the same year I was born). I fell in love with the house the first time I saw it, and when I found out when it was built I told my husband we had to have it. I knew the first time I walked into the house that there was someone else here (I've been very sensitive my whole life) and it did not bother me because I felt nothing evil in the spirit, only a very deep sadness.

The first few months were quiet, and I didn't say anything to my husband or son about the entity. I would see her every once and awhile, but that was the extent of it. Then I began to notice that I no longer felt the sadness, but a very peaceful feeling when she was around. A couple of times I would chew my son (then 9) out for something it later turned out he didn't do. When this happened I would feel her anger. Never anything threatening, and after a couple of hours the peaceful feeling would come back. My sister came by after work one day for an hour or so, and called me later that night to ask me if there was someone here. I had never said a word. We spoke about it the next weekend, and it was the first time my husband had heard about her (he's never had an experience, but he's not a disbeliever). I told my sister and my husband not to say a word about it in front of my son, I wasn't sure how he would react, and I didn't want him to be afraid.

Time passed, and one evening my son asked my husband and me if the house was haunted. I told him no, the house is not haunted. He asked who the lady was he saw all the time. At this point he was more curious than upset or frightened so I decided to confess, that we do have a being here with us. He told me he sees her all the time, then went on to describe her. He also said that he never felt threatened, he said he kind of felt like she was watching over him.

A couple of months ago my sister spent the weekend with us. The next morning when I got up she was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when I walked in. She started asking me questions about the lady's appearance, things like-does she have brown hair? I finally had to ask her how she was able to describe the lady so perfectly. I had to laugh when my sister replied, "she walked in right behind you this morning." We openly discuss our room mate now, and my son says that he often wakes up at night to see her sitting in the bay window seat in his bedroom, watching over him while he's asleep. He says he always feels safer, and she sends him sweet dreams.

Meleta Lankford, Texas, USA
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