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Spirit of A Friend

Darlene, USA
February 2007

My boyfriend had a best friend named Jeffrey. They were friends for over twenty years. They were constantly together, fishing building things and doing home improvement around our house. Jeffrey was always here.
I met Jeff a few months after meeting Eddie (my boyfriend). He was a nice sort that would do whatever he could for you and he watched after Eddie, who is leagally blind, and let no harm come to him.
Jeffrey stayed at our house more than he did his own, which was OK with me and Eddie because it kept him away from the evils.
See Jeffrey had a couple of monkeys on his back. One was named alcohol and the other crack cocaine, and as long as he was here we could keep him away from it. But as soon as he went back home he was surrounded by it.
He lived in a bad neighborhood that was full of dealers and he found it very hard to stay away from it.
He would do odd jobs for folks just to be able to buy the stuff. Jeff was a depressed person. Most of the time he felt he was a burden to his family and to us. But I don't think he realized how much he was loved.

We went to pick him up one night and he told us of his attempt to hang himself. He said the rope kept breaking. I fussed at him and told him not to ever do that again and if he wanted to talk to come to us. All was well for about a month and then in the middle of the night on September 7the 2006, we got a phone call. It was Jeffreys aunt. Jeffrey had succeded in his atempt to escape his life. He hung himself. He was 36 years old. He did it in his grandmothers backyard. She went out to call him for supper and he was hanging there. Needless to say we were ALL devastated.

The next night at midnight there was a knock at the window, just 3 taps at the window. I went to investigate, there was no one there nor nearby at all. The next day I was in the shower getting ready to go see Jeff in the funeral home and there were again 3 taps, this time it was comming from in between the wall and the shower wall, and we do not have mice. I just said OK Jeffrey quit it and close your eyes LOL.
I have not heard it since but we do still hear him cough and smell his cigarettes burning.
We will never forget him and hope he does stop by once in a while for a visit.

We love you and will miss you Jeffrey Brian Robinson.

Darlene, USA
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