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Spirit Sitting On My Bed

Anonymous, RI, USA
October 2011

This is A very true and personal story.

Nineteen years ago I was 18 years old and had recently found out that I was pregnant. Not sure of what I wanted to do, my then teacher (I'll call her Liz) and my best friend Maureen decided we would take a trip out to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Liz thought because I was very young and still making an effort to get my life in order that a baby would not be the best thing for me.

Liz said because I was only a couple of weeks into my pregnancy that her mom could terminate it with a special tea. Me in fear of telling my parents that I was pregnant, decided that it would be best to go along with Liz's idea.

Maureen and I made up some story to our parents about us having to go to Connecticut for a school project. They bought it, and we were on our way. Things started to go wrong immediately. On the high way we almost veered off the road after Liz lost control of the minivan but still we proceeded. Upon reaching the house we were a little tired, but nothing extreme it was only a four hour drive coming from Rhode Island.

Liz introduces Maureen and I to her parents, they seemed like pleasant people, but for some strange reason upon entering the house I felt my hairs stand up all over my body. It wasn't fear, I could just feel and almost hear energy. I know that sounds strange to some, but now that I'm older I have learned that I have a gift.

It all started when I was very young about 11 years old My mother and I were in the kitchen , mom was cooking and I was goofing off and all of a sudden this beautiful white glitter dust just fell from the ceiling, it was beautiful! I remember holding out my hands to catch some. I screamed out, "Mom, look!" and she turned around from the stove with a deer-in-headlight look on her face. It was all over us, our hair, arms and we were in amazement not fear. Mom bent down to the floor which was covered in the glitter dust as well and rubbed the floor and I did the same I remember seeing my hand print in it, and in an instant it was gone, all of it gone!! Not even a trace.

I asked mom was was it and she said it was nothing not to mention it, because people would think I was crazy, and I would have thought that if we both did not witness it.

It's fair to say I had a few weird experiences, but never have I seen a ghost, well not before that night.

At Liz's parents' house, we all sat down for dinner. I can't recall what we were eating, but all of a sudden Liz's mom start choking! But Liz nor her dad were in a panic. Liz explained how a woman had put a curse on her mom way back to turn her into a frog and that's why she had all those warts and choked every time she would eat anything, and she said in a matter of fact kind of way, "Oh by the way there is a ghost in this house but don't worry she is not harmful."

In my head I'm like OK great, if frog lady has a ghost in her house, I'm Janet Jackson, and I'm not!

After dinner Liz's mom starts to make this tea. I can still remember some of the ingredients: aloe vera leaves, monzillana and humphreys 11, I forget the rest. She puts it in a pot and boils it, and it doesn't smell that bad. She said I had to drink this tea every 4 hours until the termination was complete, she tells me to disrobe I take off all my clothes she sits me in a tub of super hot water, hands me the cup of tea and said drink it fast.

The moment my taste buds sent the signal to my brain that this was the nastiest anything that I have ever tasted, my body began to disobey, my throat got tight making it hard to swallow.

She then placed her hand on my stomach and began rubbing and chanting and telling me to drink. I don't know how but I managed to drink it all. Liz and Maureen decided since we were away from home, us away from our parents her away from her husband, that we would go to a bar her friend owned cause we could drink without any ID.

I'm not feeling to well at this point, I want to erupt like a volcano, so I tell them just go without me I want to lay down. They made a couple of your a party pooper jokes and left, and at some point I dozed off.

All I could remember is for no reason at all I woke up. I didn't hear a noise, felt no movement, nothing, I just opened my eyes and when I did there was a woman sitting at the foot of my bed, just looking at me. At that moment I wasn't afraid, she was a defined light is what I can describe it as, no color, the glowing light was in black and white and she was dressed like a pilgrim. She had a bonnet on her head and a apron, and she was trying to tell me something, but not by verbally talking to me she just looked at me, and I knew what she was saying I cant explain it, but she had no facial expressions just a calm look about her. Her silence spoke volumes to me.

She was trying to tell me that what I was doing was wrong and that I shouldn't be doing it, that I should have my baby and despite me drinking that first batch of tea he would be fine, that it wasn't too late.

I didn't comprehend what she was communicating to me I felt it, but with no words I don't think I'll ever be able to explain that part. She faded out right before my eyes and was then gone.

Once again when my eyes communicated to my brain what I just saw I went into fear mode! I pulled the covers over my head and they stayed there until Maureen and Liz got back to the house. I have never been happier to see them! Immediately I go crazy telling them how I saw a ghost and I want to go home, I don't want to terminate anymore. I just want to go home. Maureen laughs and calls me crazy and made a few jokes about "Wow, what was in that tea, some good stuff I guess!" and Liz said, "Oh you saw the ghost" like it was normal everyday experiences around there.

They were all wound up because apparently a young man asked Maureen to dance and she was about to, but when he smiled he had no front teeth, so she shot him down and laughed at him, and he pulled a knife out on her.

I didn't drink anymore tea and we went home the following morning, I eventually told my parents and today I have a healthy 18 year old son. Whenever I told the story about the ghost on my bed everyone would say I was a liar or crazy, and I am neither of those.

Ghosts are real and do exist. It's hard to understand the unknown, but I assure you they are among us, and some actually have advice like in my case. I will never forget her, her image is burnt into my brain, and if I could I would thank her for stopping me from doing something I'm sure I would have regretted. My son is my everything and if it wasn't for the spirit on my bed, I'm almost sure my son wouldn't be here today.

Anonymous, RI, USA
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