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Spirit Watching

June 2000

This story takes place in GA. in 1984, Halloween night. I had just put my newly born baby girl to bed, and headed to take a shower.I got my things together, towel, and clothes. I left the light on by her baby bed so that I could see. When I came out of the bathroom I realized that the light had been turned off, so I started out the bedroom door to ask my Aunt why she had turned out the light and I was drying my hair with a towel looking downward, then I saw a black robe with black shoes walk into my aunts room, I then proceeded to turn left. Still with the towel on my head, I entered her room, as I did I removed the towel from my head and looked up, noticing that her lights were off also. Then I called to her asking "where are you at?" She then called back to me "I'm in the livingroom." After finding out it wasn't her that I followed into the room I got scared and ran into the livingroom. I told my aunt that something was in her room, she laughed at me and told me "no there's not, no one has been in there all night." At that point I told her to go look and to get my baby. She then went to see what I was talking about. She got to my room to get the baby and there it was standing at the window. She walked in the room, going toward the baby bed, the spirit turned around looking at my aunt, not moving, it just stared at us. She then walked slowly to the bed and packed up my Daughter. At that time the spirit started moving toward her, my Aunt walked backwards out of the room, still looking in to the empty face of the spirit, we backed out of the room slowly and ran down the hall out of our Apt.

We then went to my sisters house to spend the rest of the night. From that night on my Daughter slept with me on the sofa till we moved out of that apt. I have not seen anything like that since. A few days earlier I had told my cousin that I didn't believe in spirits and ghosts.

WELL I DO NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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