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Spirits In The Cemetery

Debbie, QLD, Australia
May 2007

I work as a host for a ghost tours company, and as such have spent quite a lot of time dwelling in incredibly haunted places. So experiences with the paranormal are what you might call a workplace hazard.

The site that I work in is a large cemetery that was built in the late 1800's and has over the years become a haven for satanist activity. It has always attracted those who were participating in these sorts of things, occultists, black magicians, etc. Indeed, it isn't uncommon to come across evidence that these people have been active. I, personally, have been lucky enough not to come across them in the flesh. But their use of the graveyard has made for some very angry spirits, and so it is not all that surprising that they would want to act out against the living.

It's been about six months since I first started hosting in this cemetery, and I always noted unusual things. For example, when waiting for our guests at the gates I would feel something pressing my cape and dress against my back, like a breeze but there was no wind. Or a hand, but it didn't seem solid enough. It also isn't uncommon to see shadows that don't exist out of the corner of your eye while walking throughout the grounds. However, I tended to blow these things off as, although I am a true believer, being cynical makes the 'big' experience all the more amazing.

I'm going to explain three separate occurrences, that happened on three different evenings over three weeks. Each of these was so real to me and I have not been able to explain them away. I've found it interesting that it was almost six months before anything like this happened. It's almost like They have become used to my presence. Or me more aware of Them.

Experience 1. It is our usual Saturday night tour and I arrived early to walk the grounds to make sure that everything was safe (no strangers in the cemetery, no fallen trees etc) and to place our safety signs out so people don't accidentally fall in any deep drains. I was half way up a stretch of road (12th Avenue) when I felt something, a force, a wind, I'm not sure exactly, pass through my body, through my chest. Instantly my heart started pounding and my left arm went completely numb, then when it regained feeling was icy cold with pins and needles. My heart was still racing like I'd run the entire tour route instead of walking it at a steady pace. I decided to ignore the sensation and continue on. After about 20 metres, when I reached the crossroads ahead, everything stopped and my heart-rate went back to normal.

Experience 2. The next week happened to have a Friday 13th in it, so we were up at the cemetery with packed out tours until midnight. As we were finishing our first tour of the evening, we were leading the group back to hear the story of a statue that is said to come to life. This is right near the entrance of the cemetery so there is lots of street light and traffic noise. We were walking past the sextons office (the sexton being the person who looks after the cemetery and arranges the burials), which always has an outdoor light on, and a couple of our staffs cars were parked there. I saw a shadow move distinctly between the two cars. My attention went instantly to it, as did my Tour Assistant who flashed his torch directly there. Now there had been some people in the grounds of the cemetery earlier, and they had been seen around the cars and the sextons office, but what both myself and my Tour Assistant saw was not a solid figure, but a shadow that was being cast in the wrong direction for where the outdoor light and street light fell.

Experience 3. The following Friday night we were taking a private tour group through the grounds. I had a second host with me this evening and we were planning on trying out a new structure to the tour in which I would descend a hill while the other host was telling a story, in the effort of giving our clients a bit of a chill. This involved me having to sit halfway up a hill in the middle of the cemetery. On top of this, this is where an entity is often seen, advancing on the people at the base of the hill (I won't go into Its story - as my boss probably wouldn't be too happy for giving away his stories ;) ) Needless to say, I was a bit spooked about staying there on my own. And even more so when I heard a voice whispering behind me. I couldn't make out exactly what it was saying, but it sounded something along the lines of 'You can go to sleep I won't hurt you' or 'You can go to sleep I'll take care of you' This just sent chills down my spine. I could hear the other host talking from down the bottom of the hill and this voice was coming from the complete opposite direction. It was also one of those things that the more I thought about it the more sinister it seemed. Why would some spirit or entity or whatever it was want me to fall asleep in the cemetery? Creepy.

Anyway, I've been a bit more spooked than usual being in the cemetery lately, but I suppose it will pass. And as I said before, paranormal experiences are a bit of a workplace hazard. I just wish we had a safety document that would help us deal with them. ;)

Debbie, QLD, Australia
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