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Spirits in the Field

Kay Jackson, Alabama, USA
August 1997

This was told to me by my mother when I was a child. She had this experience when she was a child of about 10 years of age.

My mother lived on a farm in Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama where she and her four brothers and one sister along with their mother had to help tend to the fields. On one particular hot summers day about noon time, they had taken a lunch break and were sitting on the porch. As my mother looked up her eyes gazing across the field she noticed to her amazement there were two white ghostly figures moving across the field. She screamed out for the others to look but they disappeared before her very eyes. No one else had time to see them and she thought she had worked to hard and was seeing things. She never saw them again.

In 1982 thirty-five years after my mother's experience her aunt and uncle were living in the same house. One hot summer night they'd had an argument and her aunt had ran out on the porch. She said as she stood on the porch crying and she gazed across the field to see two ghostly figures slowly moving across the field. My mother's aunt told her of this experience. My mother, shocked, had never told her aunt of her own experience. And at this time shared it with her for the first time. Both my mother and my great-aunt were spooked by the same ghostly figures at the same place over 35 years apart!!!!

Kay Jackson, Alabama, USA
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