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Spirits of My Grandparents

November 2004

At the time this story takes place I was around ten or eleven years of age, I was never a huge ghost person, my dad would sometimes tell me of how ESP runs on his side of the family. Mainly since I could tell what a person was going to do before they do it.

Anyway I'm getting away from the point. At the time my poor grandmother, my fathers Mom, was dying of Lung Cancer. She was going in and out of the hospital all the time. Around Thanksgiving I was able to talk her into spending it with us.

Not too long from then just after we got our new dog Ranger, we got word that my grandmother had passed away during the night.

Around that time really odd things began happening, and I began to get really odd feelings around my house. It started with little things, like seeing something out of the side of my eyes and then turning around to see nothing.

Then it took another level up, the clock my dad had saved from going though his moms old things would stop working after he turned it on. Thinking it was haunted he picked it up and put it away in a closet.

Then came the night I would never forget, the night that I learned that I was either able to sense ghosts, or that I was one really insane child.

This is were I should tell you about my house so you understand this.

I live in a small apartment with my Mom, dad, little sister and now our dog Ranger, who was a little puppy at the time. When you first walk in you are in a short hallway leading right into the Livingroom. My sister and me sleep on the pullout sofa in there and it faces into the hallway, if you walk to your left after walking you'll reach the kitchen. Go further past the Kitchen and you'll come to the bathroom and my parents room.

This took place a week after my grandmother was buried, I was sleeping in bed with my sister when a cold chill went right up my spin. I grumbled about my crazy sister and how she just LOVES freezing the livingroom up with leaving the window open.

Half asleep I raised myself up on my elbow and looked into the hallway, there in the dark were two leering red eyes looking in at me and my sister. My half asleep mind not registering what I was seeing, I fell back asleep. Only to wake up then next morning when my mind remembered what I saw and I was awake enough to put two and two together.

The next few nights I would wake up in the middle of the night from a cold chill, even if the window was closed and the heat was blasting. Scared I would turn on the lamp on the table near the sofa and lay down still shaking. One of those nights my Mom saw the light on when she went to get a drink.

She asked me why the light was on and I told her, she simply told me that it must have been Ranger standing there, and that it was the light from the night light reflecting off his eyes (When light is shined into a dog or cats eyes they glow red).

That could not have been Ranger, he was a puppy at the time and very small, and even if he was an adult dog it could not have been him. Even if I was half asleep that night I remember that what ever it was that was leering at me that night was human height.

Things started to go crazy after this, I felt cold in rooms that had the heat blasting in them. I would feel parts of rooms get cold for not reason since the window would be closed, I saw shadows out of the side of my eye more and more. There were nights when I would hear footsteps in the hallway and nobody was there, I would hear the closet close lightly and then get up to find it half open and my parents still asleep and the hall freezing cold.

Other nights it would be cabinets in the kitchen opening, then I would hear the bags of snacks (Potato Chips, Popcorn, etc.) move around and then it would stop, I would get up and look and find the kitchen empty and the cabinet half open.

Now these days after my moms mother passed away of a heart attack a few years ago things have gotten worst.

I'm now seventeen years old and now I can sense were the creepy feeling I get comes from, I can tell when their around. I am now even able to sense who they are, I have come to tell that there are three ghosts in my house and are both of my fathers parents and my mothers Mom. I know its them for this reason.

One night I woke up and there standing at the side of my sisters side of the bed, was an old man that was transparent, he had short white hair and wrinkled skin. He was wearing a dark gray suit and was smiling at me, but he had a sad feeling to him. Just as I saw him he faded away whispering "Tell daddy I said hello".

The next day I told my father about this and he had a shocked look on his face, he took out an old photo book and showed me a picture in it. The man I saw the other night was in the photo, it was my fathers dad who died of a blood clot in his brain when my dad was nine years old.

It was like my grandfather wanted me to send a message to his son, and to get a look at to two granddaughters he never got to meet. My birth was a big thing with my dads family, I was the first girl BORN into my family.

These days the three ghosts don't do most of the things they did when I was younger, guessing that it was upsetting me and stopping. These days they stick to standing in one spot were me and my sisters beds are now, still in the livingroom. They seem to like coming out after 3:00am or almost anytime when everyone but me is asleep.

There are spots they like to stand in. There is the recliner near the table near me and my sisters beds, between me and my sisters beds, the foot of my bed, the space near my dresser in my parents room. But there favorite will always be were this all started, the hallway that leads from the door to the livingroom.

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