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Spirits Of The Cemetery

Jessica Ramdin
May 2011

This happened to 1 of my family, my aunt’s cousin. She was driving home one night when I don’t know possessed her to pass by the old cemetery by the river. Anyway, she was driving and just as she was passing, she lost control of the car and she felt something pulling her hair and she couldn’t stop the car. She was panicking, mostly because she realized the car was heading towards the river.

Her mind was racing and her heart was beating loudly (she told us) and she didn’t know what to do and the car was a few minutes away from going into the river when she remembered something...she had matches in the car! She began to pray in her mind while she felt for the matches.

Finally, she found it and, still praying, struck a match. All of a sudden, the car stopped inches away from the river. She hair felt free and she once again had control over the car. She started the car and sped away from the cemetery. There were two results of that little experience, 1) she never passed there again and 2) she always carried matches with her. I once saw that and asked her about it, that’s when she told me this story.

Jessica Ramdin
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