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Spirits of the New Year

Margaret, NJ, USA
December 2001

Let me start by saying that I have always been very interested in the spirit world. I love watching ghostly movies, play with spirits boards and things of that nature. Anyway, lets get to my story.

This happened on New Year's Eve 1997. I had convinced my grandmother to let use the spare bedroom to throw a New Years Eve party. I put the beds up against the wall to make a little dance floor and everything.

Around 10:30 or so after some dancing and acting quite loopy for our ages (I was 18 at the time) My friend Jen showed up, and thought it would be cool if we held a seance. So we shut off the music and all gathered in a circle in the middle of the floor. As Jen began the seance, strange things started to happen. The room went ice cold to the point were we could all see our breaths, and we were shaking (remember we had all been dancing and we were sweating when we started). Then I started to hear a scratching noise like someone was taking their fingernails and scraping them down the wall. At first no one would admit that they heard it, I wasn't sure if anyone else did, or if they were just messing with me. One by one they started to hear it, like a chain reaction, first me then the person sitting next to me and so on. Jen said that she felt the presence of a small boy, not more than five or six years of age. My other friend Chris being the stupid jerk he sometimes can be yells out loud "IF YOUR REALLY HERE PROVE IT!! DO SOMETHING ELSE!!" Everything went silent. The scratching stopped, the room temperature almost went back to normal (you could still feel a chill). My friend Chris stood up, and sat on the bed saying something like "I don't believe in this crap" As soon as he was done saying that the radio turned on full volume, making all of us scream. The radio had been behind me but about five feet away from us all. Everyone had been holding hands so no one could have touched it, or used the remote. Not to mention the fact that when I turned around the remote was still sitting were I had left it, on top of the stereo.

This story is absolutely true, and even when I re- tell it to people it still gives me chills, not to mention the fact that everyone that was at that party can still tell the story down to the last detail. Thank you for your time, sorry if it was too long or boring.

Margaret, NJ, USA
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