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Spirits Sleep

Suzy, USA
September 2002

When I was 18, now 24, I lived in these attached unit homes with my mother and siblings in California.

My grandma had come from MN to visit for Christmas and during her visit she prefered to sleep on the couch in the living room. I felt bad, so I made my two little sisters and myself sleep on the floor next to the couch to keep her company at night.

Keep in mind that I've always felt vibes from the house we lived in, there were spirits there, but then I've NEVER seen them.

One night while sleeping on the floor next to my grandma, I woke up around 2 or 3 A.M. to find three people (or spirits) standing at the foot of the bed. I knew it wasn't my two little sisters because they were still asleep. The three spirits were two girls and a little boy. The older girl asked me if she could sleep on top of me and I said no. They all tried to jump on top of me, but I fought back with hands and feet. They couldn't sleep on top of me so they disappeared. I just remembered struggling a lot and wanting to scream, but couldn't.

The next morning, I told my two little sisters about it, they didn't see anything or remember anything.

After that incident, I moved out on my own and my family still lives in that home.

Recently, my little sister contacted me to tell me she has been experiencing something. A spirit came in the middle of the night and was sleeping on top of her. She said that sometimes, she felt like nails were being ripped into her hands and a couple of times it had dragged her off the bed. She keeps dreaming about spirits who come and tell her how they died, but then when they tell her their story she would be placed in their situation.

There is one dream where she said a girl told her that she died drowning in a cage and that a man stabbed her to death. My sister, remembered herself being in the cage and getting stabbed.

I went back to visit my family in July 2002 and during my visit there I decided to sleep in her bedroom by myself.

The first night I was kind of scared, but I didn't want my sister to sleep in there, I wanted to face that thing she told me of.

The second night, I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I had went into the spirit world, and I had a sword with me to kill the spirits. In my dream, they were very afraid of me, and they couldn't scare me the end of my dream, I woke up to something that whispered in my ear "Justice is Yours." After that night, my sister didn't have any bad dreams or experience anything during my visit. But, before I left to come back to NY, I gave her something that was blessed by a high Buddhist to protect her.

Suzy, USA
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