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Spiritual Magnetism

Andrea, Ontario, Canada
September 2001

All my life spirits have been coming to me. Now that I am an adult they don't visit as frequently as they did when I was a child. My parents explained it as having an overactive imagination and watching too much TV. I don't think so as I still get spooked now (as an adult) and again when a spirits reveals itself to me. I know for some people its hard too believe this phenomenon exists but I cross my heart and hope to die if I'm lying.

There are several incidents that come to mind about my childhood. At the time I thought it was my bed that was making me see, feel and hear strange things. Now I realize that it wasn't my childhood bed even though most of the weird activity happened in my room and still does.

When I was a child and had grown out of my crib, my parents bought a lovely white wooden twin bed from Ikea. I loved it until things started happening. -Some nights I hear noises in my closet. One night I was brave enough to slide back the closet door to find my yellow Dino the Dinosaur stuffed animal with plastic buttons eyes(no eyelids on it). I picked him up and it blinked its eyes at if the eyes disappeared off its head. I screamed, threw it back into the closet and ran to my parents room.

I had 3'x5' mirror above my dresser across from my bed. In the middle of the night I'd wake up to see white haze in the reflection of the mirror. But there was no white haze above me in bed. I would sit up in bed crying while rocking back and forth because I was afraid to tell my parents because they never believed me.

The worst incident was the night I was lying on my side facing the wall half asleep. I had an itch on my back but I was too lazy to scratch it. Like something was reading my mind, I felt strong tips of fingers run down from the top of my shoulder to the small of my back. I was paralyzed with fear in the seconds it took for this to happen. I was scared to turn around just in case there was a monster or something there waiting under my bed. When I got my wits about me again I stood up in bed and jumped as far from the bed to the door. Again my parents didn't believe me.

There are so many childhood things that happened. As I as become a teenager I gained a little more control over these happenings. Now when I sense a spirit they have no control over me unless I let them. The spirit that tormented me as a child is still around in my room. I know its male and he hates the vacuum and the hairdryer. It projects awful threats in my head when I use either device. In my mind I tell him to screw off. There is the spirit of my boyfriends next door neighbor who died of cancer last year that came to me one night while at my bf's house. They live in a semi-detached so I think it was easy for this woman's spirit to cross through into my bf's portion of the house. Her spirit floated above me for a split second as I lay on the floor half asleep. I saw her and I blinked and she was gone. When I went to Europe two months ago, I visited Notre Dame in Paris and had the most euphoric experience inside. I felt so lighted headed and I was hearing whispers in my head that I couldn't understand. There were so many tourists inside the old church that if another person had whispered to me I never would have heard them speak. The list of my experiences go on and on and on..........

I don't claim to be a psychic and I don't usually talk to my friends or family about it. But its kind of nice to get this off my chest but posting my experiences for strangers to read. There must be more (legitimate and genuine) people like my myself. Thanks for letting me unburden my secret.

Andrea, Ontario, Canada
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