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Spooky Night

September 2003

I live in a small average house in a small average town, The house I live in is a two bedroom one bath, with a small living room and dinning room combo, small kitchen and washroom combo.

I live here with my husband and two children who are 8 and 2.We rent the house from a friend of ours mother.The house has always been in her family but she says no one has ever died here or that nothing bad ever happened here. Now that I have told what I know of the houses history I will go on with the story.

I have lived here with my family for a year, just a couple of weeks over one year actually. I have always known there was something or someone in the house with us.Although I never really saw a ghost I would see the flashes out of the corner of my eye that I knew were not quiet right, but when I turned to look nothing would be there. Or I would hear footsteps in the other rooms I wasn't in at the time, I have even had the foot of my bed bumped by something when I am laying down, it doesn't matter if it's day or night, and I always look to see what it is and there is never anything there.

Sometimes things come up missing from a table or night stand then it will be found in some odd place like under the kitchen sink. But no harm has ever come to my family or me and things were not really too bad to live with.

My husband doesn't believe in anything supernatural so he ignores everything weird any way. Then on a dark moonless night not long ago things became very weird and spooky.

My brother and his 20 year old son had just moved back here to Texas from California. He had sold his house before the move to L.A. and after things didn't work out in L.A. and he had to move back and he and my nephew had to stay with my husband and I for a couple of weeks.

As I said the house is small and he went to my moms house to stay but my nephew stayed at my house.

One night my nephew and I stayed up watching TV and it was around 3:30am when we decided it was time to go to sleep. I was smoking one more cigarette before bed and we were talking and still watching t.v. I was sitting in the chair beside the hallway door facing the t.v. and my nephew was sitting on the couch facing the hallway door. All of a sudden he stopped talking in mid sentence and said he had just seen a ghost walk down the hallway from my bedroom to the kids bedroom. I turned to look but of course I had missed it. But just then my little dog Zoie jumped down out of my lap and raninto the kids bedroom.

My nephew and I went to the bedroom and Zoie was laying on her back on the floor between the kids bed on her back wagging her tail like she does when she wants her belly rubbed. That made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I made sure the kids were ok and called Zoie back into the living room. I asked my nephew what he saw and he said it was a fuzzy yet transparent apparition, It was grayish white in color and it glided rather than walked down the hall. He said it was shaped like a person but not clear as to if it was a man or a woman, He said it didn't look into the living room when it went by but looked straight ahead.

Although he was the one who had actually seen a ghost he was not as spooked as I was. I asked him why not and He said when he saw it he got the feeling it didn't mean any harm to anyone. But he said he still didn't want to be alone in the living room and I was kind of freaked so we decided to stay up a little longer.

About fifteen minuets later things got really spooky. We could hear thunder in the distant south east and was talking about how some rain might be nice when Dozer (my big outside dog ) started barking. We kind of ignored it and continued talking when we heard foot steps walk up the front steps and on to the porch. All the time Dozer is barking his head off so we looked out the dinning room window that is on the front porch and there is nothing there. By now my nephew and I are really spooked. We went back and sat down and Dozer stopped barking and went under the house. Then there was a loud bang on the back door. It made us jump and stand in the middle of the living room together but Dozer never barked. Then once again we heard the foot steps walk up to the front door. This time I ran to my bedroom and woke my husband up and told him someone was messing around out side. He got up and somewhat sleepily and angrily went outside and looked around. He didn't see anything and he told my nephew and I we must be losing our minds and went back to bed.

By then it was almost 4:00 am and it was starting to rain kind of hard, it was also thundering and lightning pretty hard. We sat up listening to the rain and thunder trying to figure out what had just happened when again there was aloud bang on the back door. Even my husband heard it that time and got up. It was raining so hard that he only went onto the front porch this time, but again he didn't see or hear anything. He said if It happened again he would call the police to the darkness around the glow of the porch light, then walked back in the house and sat down in the living room and waited. But that was all that happened outside. Soon the storm passed over and the first streaks of dawn were starting to light the sky, so we all three went to bed.

Now when my nephew and I think back and talk about that night, not very long ago, we wonder if what he saw in the hallway was trying to protect us from whatever was outside trying to get in as we never felt threatened by what he saw in the house, but we we felt fear and evil from whatever was outside.

We also wonder if the thunderstorm had anything to do with the level of activity. You could almost feel the electricity in the air that night. And why have I lived here a year and never seen it but my nephew did?

I don't know the answers, all I know is that this really happened and it was one spooky night I don't ever want to have to repeat again.

Thanks for reading and sorry it was long.

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