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Spooky Old House

December 2003

I'm a student in a small Welsh village and recently moved into a student flat from the student accommodation. My friends have been living in this house for a while and have noticed strange things, as have I on visits.

One night the kettle refused to stop boiling, even when we pulled the plug from the wall socket.

It has been said that there are ghosts in this house, but I never paid it much attention and no one ever told me of the specifics. About a week after moving in I was lying in bed and saw a small girl sitting on the floor with a pair of scissors, looking at me. I was not thinking of anything in particular at the time, this image simply came to me.

This kind of thing has happened to me before. I actually see an image, as if someone had flashed a camera flash at me and I was seeing the after image in the darkness.

In the morning I asked my flat mates about the ghosts, not mentioning what I had seen. They told me there were two, an old woman and a small girl, about the same age as the one I had seen. Apparently she is very mischievous and often moves the phone and plays with the cutlery drawer.

The older woman's shadow has been seen quiet clearly at the top of the stairs and she can be felt walking through the room towards a door that is no longer there, just a blocked off wall.

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