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Spooky Pursuing Motorists

James, Yorkshire, UK
August 2005

Strangely enough, this only happened to me a few nights ago. Now first, of all, I am a very rational and sensible person and do not believe in the paranormal whatsoever. But something truly bizarre happened to me that just defies explanation. And I was never so scared in all my life. And I assure you that this is 100% true.

It was around 7 p.m. and I was walking from my house to my girlfriend's house. The sun was still shining and the early evening air was still warm. As I passed the town's small and pokey police station on the opposite side of the road, I walked by a small, white, old-fashioned car parked up on my side of the road. I didn't take much notice of this; after all it wasn't exactly out of the ordinary. The engine was running which I thought was strange as there did not appear to be anybody in the car. Perhaps the driver had popped into the police station or something, or perhaps taking a leak in a bush, I thought?. And thought no more of it. An hour later, walking back over the same route with my girlfriend to my house, the car was gone.

At my house we watched a few DVD's. Although my girlfriend didn't want to stay the night, we stayed up late because neither of us were at work the next day. At about 1 a.m. she said that she was getting tired, and we set off walking towards her house in the chilling night air. We were walking quickly because she just wanted to get home (and so did I, truth be told). The roads were lit by a pale yellow moon. This is where it starts to get weird.

That same old-fashioned car that I had seen earlier was parked up in the exact same spot, opposite the police station. Again it seemed as though there was no driver present, but we could hear the dull roar of an engine left running. I told my girlfriend that I had seen this car when I was on my way to her house, in the exact same spot, but of course it had not been there later when we walked to mine. She seemed a bit freaked out by this. I wasn't; in my mind there is always a rational explanation.

As we passed the car she screamed. She told me that she saw two dark faces with 'odd' expressions peering out of the windows, but when I looked, the car was empty. She swore that she had seen two big burly males sat in either seat of the front of the car. I told her that it was her over-active imagination. But, now about 10 yards in front of the car, the headlights flashed on onto our backs and we heard what sounded like muffled shouting coming from within the car. Still I could see nobody, but then again the brightness of the headlights made it impossible to make anything out. By this point I was freaked out too and we both started running. And I am not a person easily scared by anything. The whole situation was just so... unnatural.

We reached her house without incident. I made her a drink and reassured her that there is a rational explanation to everything. I even reassured myself. Once she had calmed down, she fell asleep, and I locked her doors from the outside and put the key back through the letterbox. I set off walking back to my own house. When I saw two glaring car headlights at the top of her street (which I had not noticed a very short time earlier) I once again started to freak out. So I started to run in the opposite direction to the car, which was incidentally the opposite direction to my house.

My heart was racing, but I didn't know why - there was just something strange about this car. I can't explain it in words. You could feel it, and so did my girlfriend. Now it was my turn to start panicking. I ran down a number of alleyways and snickets, gradually working my way around the outskirts of the town back towards my house, and at the same time trying to avoid the roads like the plague. There was nobody to be seen anywhere or any other cars.

I really, really started to get scared when I came close to a road and the strange car rolled by. It was as if it was looking for me. I ducked down below a hedge and hoped that I hadn't been seen (that is how serious it was getting), but before I did - I caught a quick glimpse of two fat faces with the 'odd expressions' my girlfriend had remarked on. The really were eerie. Like, melted. I don't know how to put it into words. Perhaps they were wearing masks? Nevertheless, it continued to drive on by me, so I assumed that I remained unseen. But it must have been a close-call.

Over the next half hour, there were four more 'close- calls', but I think that I managed to remain hidden well enough behind trees and bushes and by keeping as far away from roads as possible. But in the distance I could still see it driving around the town in circles, as if looking for me. All I had to do was get home, lock my doors, get a baseball bat, ring my girlfriend and maybe 999 and warn them of creepy prankster motorists stalking my town...

But eventually of course I had to come back onto the roads, to get home. I sprinted across street after street and soon came to the police station. But the police station was dark and empty as it was unmanned at this time of night (it is only a small rural town). There the car was waiting, and I was suddenly caught in its headlights like a small animal frozen by headlights with shock and fear. This tale now takes its paranormal twist.

Up until this point, I had assumed it was some youths playing a prank with me. But one of them got out of the car (the passenger side). The horrific 'melted face' was just not human. The figure was clad all in white and was of a burly build, and stocky... but unfeasibly tall at the same time. I mean, really tall, like seven foot. And he started to race towards me; arms outstretched making a kind of wailing, screaming noise. I screamed myself and found a sudden acrobatic ability in me when I scaled a metal fence taller than myself into my own street, and within seconds was in my house and was frantically locking the door behind me. I've never run so fast in my life. On the inside of my doorway, in darkness, it took me a while before I could get my breath back or even move away from the doorway. I was exhausted after my flight. Perhaps it was a good thing as the house lights remained off until the car had passed away into the distance and was gone, maybe looking for me in another street (I heard the engine noise disappear, much to my relief. I almost cried with the relief!).

I waited for what seemed like an eternity, a million thoughts racing through my mind, and then without turning on the lights moved to the phone and called my girlfriend. She was fine, just angry that I had woken her up. Her attitude changed when I told her what had happened. We stayed on the phone to each other for hours and hours until the sun's rays shone through the windows, and outside we could both hear the hustle and bustle of daily town life starting up around us. I guess we just wanted to know that each other were ok. She asked me to phone the police, but I decided against it. What did I have to go on? I couldn't describe my pursuers, or the model of car they were in. It was hopeless. She then reminded me of something which happened a few months ago. A teenage lad was seen being pulled into a white car and was never seen again. The motorists involved nor their car were ever found. The witnesses' description perfectly matches that of the car that chased me all over town.

James, Yorkshire, UK
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