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Spooky Séance

January 2003

A few years ago my father moved into a house that is over a century old. It has a staircase that could kill and crawl spaces under the entire house. Since I find the paranormal fascinating but I didn't actually beleive in it, I decided it would be fun to have a seance with a bunch of friends of mine.

So one day we got a bunch of candles set up in a circle on the floor and had one of those Parker Bros. Ouija boards. As we were setting up and just getting into the circle of candles, we noticed that my dad's dog freaked out and ran up the stairs. Nothing we did convinced her to come back down so we just started the seance.

Everything went fine and we had a bunch of fun until the last part of the seance. We were joking around when the pointer on the board started moving faster and faster. It spelled out DIE and then suddenly all the candles' flames just got bigger to the point that it almost burnt a table down. We all scurried to put the candles out but we were quite spooked with the whole experience.

The next day in the morning light we found burns in the carpet where each of the candles were and a hole in the wall where my dad's dog had run into trying to get away from the room we were in as quick as possible.

Since then odd things have been happening in that house. Doors leading to the outside would be wide open by morning when I had made sure they were shut tightly and locked the night before. Weird banging sounds would happen periodically in the night. And every once in a while my dad's dog would look into the room we had the seance in and start growling and/or whining but she would never go into that room.

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