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Spooky Sleepover

Hali, NC, USA
August 2004

This is a true story that actually took place.

My friend Megan was having a Halloween sleepover one Friday night. We were just down in the basement telling ghost stories (not true ones), talking about boys, all those things typical 12 year olds do. Well all of a sudden, Megan's nose started to bleed. We didn't think anything about it, everyone gets a little nose bleed every once in a while, you know? Then she just started pouring blood uncontrollably. Shocked, all the girls ran upstairs and got Mindy, Megan's mother.

After a little while Mindy told us we could go back down to the basement, that Megan's nose had stopped bleeding. So when we got down there we started playing with the Ouija board. I wasn't playing. I just watched some MTV and snacked on some chips while the other girls got into that freaky stuff that I thought was so lame.

Well all at once everyone started screaming. Annoyed that they had interrupted my show I turned around to ask what the heck was wrong with them? Their faces were white, in total shock and they had informed me that the Ouija Board spelled my name. So what? That's nice ya'll. Then I told them someone probably pushed it the whole time, let's go play Bloody Mary. :)

We went into the bathroom and as we stared into the mirror we saw this weird looking thing staring at us. I thought I was just seeing things. But everyone else saw it too. It was shaped like the upper body of a person who was albino or something. We all started screaming and tried to run out of the bathroom! But we couldn't open the door? We all tried to pull and push and turn the handle but the door wouldn't budge! Then the lights started flickering. We were SO freaked out! Megan was pushing and pulling the door as hard as she could (but it's a pull door) and we were all pushing on her! Then the door flew open and we all piled out the bathroom door, the lights stopped flickering and we saw someone, or something white, like the albino thing in the mirror walk out the basement door. We were absolutely horrified. We ran up the stairs to tell her mom but she wasn't in her room, the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the dining room, or out at the pool.

We all walked outside holding hands as tight as possible looking all over the yard for her mother, but we could not find her? So we were pretty freaked about now! We walked back into her house and sat on her mother's bed thinking maybe she'd walk into the room sooner or later? But then as we were just watching the television (not exactly paying it very much attention because of all that had happened) when something white passed by the window. "Did ya'll see that??" I was trembling. They were all completely silent. Thank goodness her mother walked in right then and it took our mind off of that.

We told her everything that happened and she told us to go to bed and get some sleep, everything will be fine. Ha! Like we could SLEEP! Especially after all this freaky stuff!

We walked back down the stairs hoping everything that was going to happen already did. When we got to the basement the door was standing wide open. (The door in the basement I keep talking about leads outside to a walkway that leads to the pool.) Megan closed it and we all got out our sleeping bags. We all just laid there in our sleeping bags and we heard the door squeak open again. Megan bolted up and ran over there to close it and lock it.

We finally went to sleep. When we woke up the next morning the stupid door was opened again. I called my mom and went home as soon as I woke up. That was too scary for me, I'll never forget that night. People that we have told about this think we are crazy, But Megan and her mother both admit that the house is creepy, and they have moved into a new home on the lake.

Thank you for taking time to read my story!

Hali, NC, USA
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