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Spying Ghosts

November 2001

When I was about ten I lived in a old house with my Mom and my Dad on about four acres of land. It was a big old mansion and it was a scary old place with lots of old stone work that surrounding the perimeter of the house. Everything was old marble, statues, gargoyles and winding stairs. Everything inside the house was old woodwork and lead light windows.

One night I was having trouble sleeping and so I got up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. In our house there was a kitchen divided by a bar that my Dad had put in when he moved there. I got a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator and when I looked past the bar into the dining room I saw three figures walking by. There was a man with two girls, one either side of him, arm in arm with him. The man was wearing a uniform like a soldier but more dressy. Each woman was wearing a short old fashioned dress, with fancy trim and high heeled shoes, along with overly done makeup. As they strolled along down my dining room they disappeared into the wall separating the dining room and kitchen from the big living room on the other side.

Astonished by what I had seen I quickly rushed out to the corridor looking to see if they had come out the other side into my living room. I was disappointed to find nothing on the other side, just my living room the way it always looked.

I was amazed when years later after this (I'm 13) that I am still shaken by this experience.

I looked up the history on my old house, that I have since moved out from, and found something that explains my experience!

A long time ago my old mansion was once a bar and hideout for spies during the war. The house was then not divided into a living room, kitchen and dining room. So obviously when they walked through the wall it was because it was never there before, and they were not lingering spirits trying to haunt me or scare me. They were simply just plasma forms left from another time. Thats why I don't believe what I saw was a ghost. I believe that when a person dies, their thumbprint, so to speak, is left on the world, an impression of one of the happiest days or saddest, or even one of the most emotional days in their lives.

Maybe these people were really happy, or maybe they were celebrating at this bar. Or maybe this was right before they died, considering that they were spies hiding out. These girls were most likely prostitutes maybe this was the highest point of the spies life before he died.

I will never know the reason why this specific memory was chosen to be reacted over and over again in the old mansion. All I know is it probably will be there for years to come.

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