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St Joseph's Orphanage Morgue

Kat, UK
October 2016

I wouldn’t call this a story as such, more of an experience. The town where I live has an abandoned building that through the years was a hospital, orphanage and asylum. It was a care home until closed down in 2003. Me and a few friend went in, I had been in before and heard a few weird noises, once heard a voice, I didn’t think much of it as I kind of guessed the building was haunted anyway and it didn’t really bother me. Another time, my two friends were just at the doorway while the rest of us were in one of the old rooms in the basement, there was a small bang so they flicked their torch at the wall they heard the noise from and some plaster fell off the wall as if something hit the wall from the other side so we then left as they got quite scared.

I went in again, and I highly regret it. Even though I had been in several times before I still hadn’t explored all of it. So we went to the chapel and down some stairs behind it all the way to the bottom and followed round some rooms I hadn’t seen before, we followed it all the way through to a very small set of stairs that led to a few rooms, one really dark small room and some more rooms around the corner. My friend Michael turned to Jack and said "Jack, do you recognize this place?" It was the morgue. (They had experienced something weird in here before which I’ll explain later on).

I had a bad feeling about the area in the first place so I kept tugging on Jack’s coat saying "Please can we leave? I want to go find Ryan but I’m not going back on my own. Please can we leave? Please can we leave??". I was getting progressively more panicked (due to anxiety).

Jack turned and said "just one sec..." and stepped towards it, I looked directly into the room and honestly, I got the most haunting feeling in my head. I got tunnel vision, I got dizzy, felt like I was going to pass out, I literally experienced death, or a ghost, something like that. I can’t explain the way I felt but I had to get out that building fast. I couldn’t sleep until stupid hours the next morning, I couldn’t speak properly when I left the building. Furthermore, I stole a "Fire Exit" sign from the building one of the times I went previous to this experience, the sign is nowhere in my room to be found.

It isn’t just me that’s felt something near or in the morgue. My friend Lexi was at the back of the morgue and felt something pull her back, she also took a "Theatre" sign from the hospital bit which she cannot find.

Back to Michael and Jack’s situation that I mentioned earlier, I feel this to be a scarier experience but I wasn’t there so I can’t vouch for that. They went into the morgue, after a few seconds they felt the same thing as I did but not as intense but they left the morgue as they got a bit scared. They started going towards the room with the ladder and rang me to tell me what happened. While on the phone to me they said they heard a bang from the room next to them and a shadow on the opposite side of the building, so they said they’ll ring me back as they needed to get down the ladder as soon as possible because of course they were scared. They rang me when they got off the premises, and I was told as they were going down the ladder they saw a shadow in the room that they heard the bang from.

And one last morgue experience with someone I know was similar to mine, I’m unsure if he went in the morgue or just looked in to it like I did but he felt the same thing (I wish I could explain how horrible it was but I’ve never experienced anything like it, I was so scared, there’s no way I can deny that ghosts/spirits aren’t real), anyway, after that he had a full blown panic attack and would’t speak for the rest of the day.

Whatever’s in there doesn’t want people around the morgue. Apart from that it’s an amazing building and it’s honestly a shame so many people have vandalized it and smashed it up so much.

The photographs attached is a friend of friend. Apparently there’s been sightings of a nun, and a small blonde girl, in the building before, I did see a small shadow around the chapel once so it may be connected. He went in this place alone, in his mirror photographs from what we can make out is the small blonde girl that has been apparently has been seen before.

I tried researching this building loads when after what I experienced but there’s not much I could find on the internet, but this was my friends’ and mine’s experiences of the abandoned building, if you’re into ghosts I suggest go having a look!

Kat, UK
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