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Stalked By Death?

Anthony Rocissano, NY, USA
September 2001

My story may be a bit common, but it's had a major effect on me. Since being a young child, I can always remember seeing a black figure around me. Sometime it would dart around corners, or be in the corner of my eye, and as I grew older, to appear in plain sight.

I would usually see this figure when staying at my father's house. I would spend the majority of the time in the family room; sleeping, playing video games, watching TV, stuff like that. in the the room there is a sliding glass door that goes into the sun room. Some nights, when I would lay on the floor, I would see something out of the the corner of my eye in the glass reflection. It looked like a tall figure in black flowing garment (your classic grim reaper) and holding something silvery, but I couldn't make it out.

At first I put it off as nothing major, until it began to scare me by appearing to move over to me. but whenever I turned to look back, there was nothing.

When I moved into a new house, thats when the figure appeared with higher frequency. In my room. A dark figure of the same description, sans silver object, would materialize in my corner, which bothered me to an extent, but had live with it.

The one event that sticks out in my mind the most is an encounter with the figure, with it's face in view. One night I went to look at the moon through the window of the living room of my current home and turned to leave, I noticed something standing against the wall. As I adjusted my eyes, I noticed a black, robed figure, with a hideous face. It's head was decomposing. I stared right into it's eyes, and was considering if I should run or back out slowly. I chose the latter, seeing as It may follow me if I ran. It followed me with it eyes, but as soon as I reached the kitchen, I ran like hell. I slammed the door to my room and locked it. the whole time I thought to my self "death is gonna get me. death is gonna get me".

After that, I saw the figure less and less. currently though, I've had strange feelings at night. I'll feel like someone is right behind me or watching me, and on a few occasions, have heard my name being called. But whatever it is, I know it's not benevolent. Hopefully it's just trying to scare me, and not trying to kill me.

Anthony Rocissano, NY, USA
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