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Step On The Brakes

December 2001

This is not a ghost story as such, more of a story concerning a prophetic dream. This happened to my mother years ago.

My mother grew up in the country and began driving at the age of 14. Shortly after she took up driving she began to have the same dream periodically. In her dream she would be driving along and would suddenly go to step on the brakes but the car wouldn't stop. At this point she would wake up. She continued to have this dream throughout her teens and into middle age.

One day she was driving home on her usual freeway commute when a number of orange construction cones fell of a truck and scattered all over the freeway. The road was wet and when she went to put on the brakes to avoid the cones the truck she was driving would not stop, and she skid into the rear of another vehicle. The accident involved a number of cars, including a good Samaritan who's car was hit when he stopped to help. My mother was not injured and she never had the dream again after that. She said it was almost as if the dream was to prepare her for the accident and she felt quite calm during it.

As a footnote, my mother also dreamt of my father lying dead in a casket less than a year before he died. At the time of her dream he was fine, but was diagnosed with cancer a few months later and died shortly after.

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