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Steven's Gift

Tina L, Wisconsin, USA
October 1998

It all started about a year ago, I guess. I was 13. My mother had just started her homeopathy work (using herbs to heal) and went to a seminar. In this line of work there are many psychics, tarot readers, etc. She was at this seminar, and a woman whom she did not know, came up to her and asked if a friend had died recently. She thought and replied that a good friend indeed had died about three years ago from cancer, her good doctor friend Steven (God rest his soul).

Let me tell you about Steven first. He was a tall, nice man. A kind heart, especially with kids. When I was little, I would go to work with her and she'd be in a meeting and Steven would come and play with me. He helped my imagination grow. And he was fun. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

This lady also asked if the lights had been flickering in our house, or if they had gone out for no reason. This had happened the day before, but my mother thought nothing of it. The lady said this was her friend, and he was trying to tell us something.

My dad didn't believe it when she told him. Just then a light went out. He thought it was a coincidence. He put a new bulb in; it went out the next day.

Once my father and I were home alone, watching a movie when the lamp light started to flicker very rapidly. This sometimes happens when our furnace or air conditioner kicks in - but it didn't stop. I asked my father "Is it just me or are the lights flickering?" He said the lights were indeed flickering. I then said in an authoritive tone for Steven to stop it. It did and we weren't bothered for the rest of the night.

Then the last time Steven 'visited' was about a week later. I was in my room, ready for bed. I always read before I go to sleep, so I had my lamp on. I distinctly remember turning it off. I was awakened by a warm feeling on my right arm. Warmer than the rest of my body, a calming heat. I opened my eyes and my lamp was on, but shining brighter than a 25-watt bulb would allow. It then pulsated, going from very dim to an awesome brightness. I was scared out of my mind. The heat grew, and I calmed enough to turn off my lamp. Now I wonder, why did this happen to only me? I was the only one out of my family of four to experience all three things. My sister saw none of them. I also wonder why my right arm was warm, and then I remember - whenever I think of him, all of my memories, he is either directly in front of me or on my right side. This is your giving side, my mother says, and I think he was trying to give me something. Since then I seem to have slight 'supernatural' powers. I can smell a person's cologne or perfume when I drive by. Or smell a place without previously being there. I can just say in my head "I want this to happen," and it does. Was this a gift from Steven? Or did he just show me something that I never knew I had?

Tina L, Wisconsin, USA
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