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August 2007

I just got home after spending the last 6 weeks at my mom's place in Southern Ontario. I was unexpectedly called out there to have my mom put into Long-Term care. I grew up in that house from age 10. I'm now 43. I've lived away for the last 16 years, and only visited for Christmas and the occasional summer.
I hate that house.
My sister, deceased brother, and I all hated that house.

For years, we dealt with ongoing haunting's. Some times of year were worse than others; cyclical.
One of the first words my baby sister said was, "Man!", shrieking in hysterics, pointing just to the right of her bedroom door. Seems the man used to stand in her room, looking at her.

You name it, we experienced it: cold spots, footsteps, voices, banging (on walls and floors), shadows, stuff going missing and returning up to 6 months later, bed shaking...I saw a painting leap off the wall, and saw a tennis ball get "kicked" across the floor.

It was even more stressful because neither our mom or dad would admit to anything going on, so, us kids had to just deal with it, in minimal whispers, growing up. (If you never talked about it, it wasn't real, right?...).

So, I got back to the house a few weeks ago, and, sure enough, things start acting up.
Light bulbs started burning out all over the house (this never happened to my mom, living on her own). The clothes dryer died out. (whenever I went back to visit, some major appliance always died; stove, fridge, washer, etc...) Sitting in the living room, my second night back, was very stressful! Shadows walking around, small balls of light zipping around, a face peering around the corner from the hall at me (which was like looking through a photographic slide), and banging on the wall that separates the living room from the garage.

After 2 weeks, my mom went into long-term care, and I stopped staying there. I stayed at my sister's, 4 blocks away. I had to be there to clean out the place for sale. Even my buddy, who was there to help me, was hollering downstairs to see who was there, after we heard banging from the kitchen. I knew no one was there, but, we checked the place out, just to show him. I even contacted the Toronto Ghost Hunters Society to see if they could recommend someone to cleanse the place. I just felt horrible about some young family moving in and having to deal with the same crap I had to, growing up, but, they responded saying they didn't know anyone in the area to deal with it.

Our family is only the second to own the house. The couple we bought from were still alive at purchase. Whenever we heard the people talking (one man, one woman), we could never understand what they were saying. I don't know if the house is on old graves, or if it's just old First Nations (Chingacousy) that we're hearing...

When I met with the real estate agent, I told her about the house, and asked if we legally or morally had to tell the prospective buyers, and she told me that there is no need to disclose such information. In fact, she told me that in the area, there were a number of such "affected" houses.

I will never, ever set foot in that house, again, but, coming this Christmas, I may just stop by and see how the new owners are doing.

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