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Storm Cats

Mechelle, South Africa
March 2001

Hi there, this is my second story, here goes:-

This happened about a year ago, while staying at our old townhouse. At this townhouse during day time and night time, I used to see alot of spirit animals for some or other reason, usually through the corner of my eye. There used to be a really mut looking dog, that used to wonder around in side. Outside there used to be a white cat.

On one Saturday morning, about 10:00 I stepped outside to have my cigarette and drinking my usual cup of coffee, when I saw a white cat jumping from the third step down to where I was standing, it brushed against my legs, very casually at that, then disappeared.

In our bedroom I used to sleep on the side that faces the window, so if I faced left I could look out the window. Sometime during that night I awoke to a vicious storm outside, the window was open, and I decided to leave it open, because of the cool breeze that was coming through. I went back to sleep. Then something really strange woke me up, my left arm was hanging half off the bed and it felt like my hand was being clawed by a cat, it was damn sore. I looked down to see a brown blackish long haired cat clawing my hand. As soon as it saw me looking at it, it kinda jumped down and walked off round my bed and out my bedroom with it's tail waving in the air. My husband actually woke up because I was moaning so much when the cat was clawing my hand, he asked me what was the matter and I told him, I also told him the cat was walking out the bedroom, but he said he couldn't see anything.

Anyway, I tried to go back to sleep, but was not very successful because I now had several cats bothering me. I could HEAR them all purring and could FEEL that they were on our bed, trying to get comfy, but I couldn't see them. No matter what I did, the purring wouldn't stop and on top of this, my husband couldn't hear them.

I think it was after about 2 hours that the purring stopped and I was able to get some sleep. I think what must of happened, because of the storm outside, they found a safe "haven" through my bedroom window, I was not scared, more annoyed because I couldn't go to sleep. Never have I felt another spirit physically touch me, but the cat clawing my hand I definitely felt because it was damn sore.

Mechelle, South Africa
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