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Strange But True

Laura Richmond, UK
May 2002

In 1991, my family and I moved into a 1930's semi-detached house in Somerset, England. Things started to happen as soon as we started to look around the house. My brother walked in and he saw a man walk up the stairs wearing a blazer, as my father often used to wear a blazer he walked up the stairs after the man, talking to him, when he got to the top of the stairs though it became apparent that there was no-one else up brother was alone.

Everything seemed quiet for a while although there was an oppressive feeling in the kitchen. Gradually though strange things started to happen...objects started to move around, you would look for them and then they would appear in strange places. Then things started to be seen and heard.

I was revising for my G.C.S.E's at the time and I was studying in our Conservatory, I knew that my family were out so you can imagine my surprise when I could see a person walking around the living room, I could see their silhouette against the window, I thought that mum was back so I went in, talking away expecting a response but there was was there. I went back to my studying, I just put it down to a trick of the light, then it happened again so I went to see what it now I was getting a little scared. I stayed in the conservatory until my parents came home.

Things started to build up after about two years there, my brother used to woken up at about 2 a.m. by cold hands touching him, he saw a woman walking around upstairs, he heard people in the cupboards downstairs when everyone was asleep. I had friends over who used to get woken up by the sound of people walking around on the landing (my door was open so they could see no-one was there but the could hear someone...needless to say they only ever stayed once).

My mother used to feel scared in the living room, she had a little light fly at her and my very skeptical father saw someone walking in the living room. I myself saw a man sitting on the end of my bed, a shadow standing in the doorway, a strong smell of onions in my bedroom, and I witnessed doors being flung open and shut, objects being thrown across the room, my pets going crazy as if there is something there.

The end came when I woke up suddenly one morning at about 2a.m. in the doorway was a man, He was wearing a blazer and looked in his forties he was trying to say something but I couldn't understand, he looked solid, not see-through as one would have imagined. Suddenly I saw a woman walking up and down the hall and stairs. I walked up to the man and asked him to get out of the way...he did so and I ran to my parents. The next day my mum contacted here friends from the spiritualist church and they got rid of the problem. It turned out that the woman had died in the house not long after being let out of Tonvale Mental Institution. The man.... My Uncle brought some photos around and as I looked at them I saw that same man staring back at me, he was my Great Grandfather who I, nor my mum had never seen before...strange but true.

Laura Richmond, UK
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