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Strange Experience

Lottie, South Wales, UK
August 2007

This is not my story, it belongs to my grandmother but she kindly gave me permission to reproduce it here.

My grandmother has always had what could perhaps be called a sixth sense, unfortunately (or fortunately who knows?) I don't seem to have inherited it.

Anyway this story takes place when my father was 5 and my nana pregnant with his younger sister. She was having a difficult time with the pregnancy, and her blood pressure was very high, so the family doctor (a polish gentleman, who was also a very close family friend, who I will call Dr. Smith, not because I wish to protect identities, but because I have no idea how to spell his actual name!) would come to the house on an almost daily basis to check if she was ok and to check her blood pressure.
So she was happy to see him when he arrived as promised on the afternoon in question. My father was playing in the front garden and Dr Smith gave him a sweet and went inside to see my nana. He took her blood pressure, chatted a while, but refused a cup of tea and a biscuit which was really unusual for him. She saw him off at the door but as she was saying goodbye he turned to her and said "this baby will be fine, I promise you that, so stop worrying" before leaving, waving goodbye to my nana and my dad.

My grandfather came home a short time later and my nana told him the doctor had been and had promised that everything would be fine. Later that night my nana was getting dinner for the family when there was a knock at the door. Standing there was the nurse (my grandparents didn't have a phone), who said she had come to take her blood pressure, my nana was obviously confused because she had already seen Dr Smith, but she assumed it was because it was because they were worried about her. So the nurse took her blood pressure, chatted etc, and then as she was leaving apologised that she had been so late getting to her. My nana said it was fine as she had already seen Dr Smith. The nurse suddenly looked very concerned, and asked her when this was, my nana explained that it had been around lunch time. The nurses face fell, and she said very slowly that, that was impossible, Dr Smith had died the previous night.

The odd thing about the event was that there was nothing 'spooky' about it, it occurred in daylight, my father (ok he was 5, but my grandfather asked him the same night and he told the same story) also saw Dr smith. I can only assume, as my nana did, that it was just an old friend and dedicated doctor fulfilling his promise.

My nana also claims to have seen death, her mother was dying in the front room (they all lived together back then) and my nana had gone upstairs to fetch a blanket. When she returned she saw a tall, dark figure standing very still by her mothers bedside, needless to say when she checked her mother was dead.

Lottie, South Wales, UK
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